Should I buy a security system?


Should I buy a security system?  

As you prepare to shop for your cameras and security monitoring hardware, you will notice that you have two options. The first choice is to purchase individual cameras, receivers, and other parts in order to create a system that will meet your needs, mixing and matching with the features that suit each room you are monitoring. The second is to purchase a pre-packaged security system that is designed to work together, created for the purpose of being your complete security monitoring hardware. Much of that decision rests on your needs, but there are several things to consider before you make your choices.

Complete Systems

Examples of complete security camera systems include:

·        Swann SW244-LPD DVR4-1150 Digital Video Recorder with 4-Camera MaxiBrite Combo Kit

·        Avaak Vue Personal Video Network

·        Logitech WiLife Digital Video Security w/Hidden Master System Camera

·        SVAT CV0204DVR Web-Ready DVR Security System with 4 High-Resolution Indoor/Outdoor Night Vision Surveillance Cameras

As well as many others. The value of these systems are simple – they are designed to work seamlessly together, so that you can easily set it up in your own home or office and immediately begin securing your property. In some cases they are made for different purposes as well. For example, the Avaak Vue is generally created for family monitoring, while the SVAT CV0204DVR Web-Ready DVR Security System is a more global security system.

The benefit of these is that it is guaranteed that they work together, you can often save on costs, and you know exactly what you are getting as soon as you order it. There are also additional security cameras that can be purchased to expand most systems, with the software for that expansion already included.

The faults of such systems, however, are that they are not generally modifiable. Their weaknesses are not easily accounted for, and while a few do have customizability options, there is a higher probability that you cannot adjust he set for the changes you need to make.

Individual Components

Your other option, then, is to purchase individual components and create the security system from scratch. You will need considerably more know-how in terms of putting together these pieces of hardware into a working system, and it is possible that you will run into situations where a part you purchased is incompatible with the system you put it in. But because you are choosing your own parts, you can account for any weaknesses in the system by purchasing higher quality items without these weaknesses. Thus you can use the highest quality security cameras, set them up with the best receiver, and you are ready to go.Security systems are useful for those without much electronics experience. But more often than not, their security cameras are of a lower quality, and they make up for it with ease of use. It is not always a good idea to forgo quality security cameras simply because the system is easier, and as a result, these systems may not be right for you.


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