Shotgun Shooting Gloves


In the market for some shotgun shooting gloves?  If so, here are some things you should keep in mind when you make your decision about which gloves to buy.

Hunting or sport shooting?

The gloves you wear out hunting are probably going to be different than the gloves you use when shooting trap, skeet, clays, etc.

For sport shooting, your gloves need to be warm and flexible, but not very tough.  Hunting gloves, on the other hand, have to keep you as warm as possible, while also standing up to rough use.  They should be heavier and more substantial than sporting gloves.

If your gloves don’t keep the wind off your hands, you’ll have a difficult time feeling what you’re doing.  Shooting gloves should keep you warm enough, but still let you handle ammo and other small items.  Your shotgunning gloves are a tradeoff between absolute warmth and protection, and the level of manual dexterity needed to manipulate small objects.

Special features of shotgun shooting gloves

Although you can probably get by without them in a pinch, gloves that are designed for shotgunners often share certain design features:

  • The index finger has less (or no) padding and protection that might otherwise reduce trigger sensitivity
  • The palm should offer a no-slip grip so you can shuck and/or load a heavy shotgun

Options other than custom-made shotgun shooting gloves

You can often find other styles of gloves that work very well when you’re shooting a shotgun.

Many people swear by inexpensive Mechanix brand gloves for shooting sports.  Since these gloves are made for workmen and mechanics, they provide very good finger dexterity at a price that won’t bankrupt you.

Other folks use horse riding or tack gloves.

And there are the perennial favorites: weight lifting gloves, golfing gloves, or batting gloves.  All are lightweight leather gloves that protect the palms without reducing your manual dexterity to a level that starts to cause problems.

So while it’s nice to have a dedicated pair of shotgun gloves, you might be able to find other styles of glove (at reasonable prices) that work well.  This is especially true if you use them for shooting sports, because the gloves just don’t have to be as tough and warm as hunting gloves.


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