Shopping a Treadmill Sale


Whether your goal is to lose the rest of that baby weight, or just be able to play with your kids without running out of breath, achieving that goal is going to include some exercise. Finding a treadmill sale and buying a treadmill for use in your home is one way to help you achieve your goal.

Whether you are buying at a treadmill sale, whether you decide to purchase new, or used there are a few things you should consider. If you are just planning on using the treadmill for walking, not running, your needs in a treadmill may differ slightly.

A motor with at least 3 horsepower is what you should get if you’ll be using the treadmill for running. If you aren’t going to be running, you can go with less than that. There are manual treadmills, but they have poor reviews, and even if you can’t afford a very expensive model, it would be better to buy a motorized treadmill than a manual.

The size of the belt is another important feature. If that belt is too short, you won’t be able to complete full strides. A belt that is at least 50 inches long is sufficient for most people, but if you are tall, or just have long legs you may want to look for a longer belt.

Shock absorption is important as well. The thickness of the deck will affect this cushioning. At least a quarter inch thickness is ideal.

A safety feature you will want to make sure your treadmill has is automatic shutoff. This is either a button you can push, to shut off the treadmill, or a key that is attached to your clothing pops out and stops the treadmill.

The display panel shows various information like speed, distance gone, and calories burned, etc. Decide what information is most important to be displayed and make sure the treadmill you purchase has those. Some treadmills even have personal trainer features that allow you to choose a preprogrammed workout to select and complete. Also make sure the speed and incline capabilities meet your needs.

You can find treadmills on sale at you local sporting goods store. At most stores you can test out the product before you buy it. This is a good idea so you can make sure the treadmill performs like you think it should. If you find a particular model that you like, you don’t necessarily want to purchase it on the spot. Take your search to the Internet to make sure you can get the best price on the product you want. If you keep your eyes open you may be able to find a special sale on treadmills.

When shopping a treadmills sale don’t forget to consider the warranty. Warranties vary, but most should at least have a lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects. Pay attentions to the warranties on parts and labor as well.

Used treadmills for sale can be for using the Internet. Like buying any use product, you will want to make sure it is still in good condition and hasn’t taken a beating from its previous owners. One place you may be able to find a used treadmill sale is a health club that is replacing some of their treadmills.


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