Shooting Gloves


Shooting gloves have been utilized by the hunters and  gun owners almost since the inversion of gun powder. They secure the hands against  damage that can be caused by gun activities and recoiling.

Nowadays, people who use handguns and rifles are also in need of the specially manufactured shooting gloves to prevent the neural damages that may be caused to the hands and arms when handling the shooting equipment. If a person performs the shooting activity for a long period of time using a handgun, then he/she will be stressing the nerves that extend from the bottom of the fingers to the arm region. This stress may lead to a syndrome called carpal tunnel.

shooting gloves

shooting gloves

If a person uses a handgun for a long period of time repeatedly, then he/she may suffer from various problems like swollen thumbs, swollen fingers, tingling hands, tingling arms etc., Wearing the appropriate gloves while shooting will help in preventing the chances of these problems.

When purchasing the shooting gloves, there are several important factors to consider. First, they must possess a non-slip gripping feature to enable the user to keep proper control of the gun. The gloves must be as thin as possible so that the gun shooter can have the feel of keeping the gun in his/her hand. The last most important factor to consider is that it must offer security to the hands and arm portions of the gun shooter. A properly manufactured shooting glove will have a padded palm which can be extended to the fingers and thumbs.

Sometimes, it may also have the index finger cut off to enable the user to possess a feel of the trigger. In few cases, depending on the brand of the shooting glove, all of its finger portions will be cut off. A few shooting gloves will have a pad even in their back portion which can be extended to the middle finger.

A best shooting glove will have different designs for each hand. For instance, the right hand shooting gloves will be designed in such a way that it is able to secure the hand that holds the hand gun and the left hand will be designed with pads for protecting palm and for better supporting the other hand.


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