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Diamonds are not always a woman’s best friend. A lot of us would give that title to shoes which have the power to make us feel more confident, sexy, daring, powerful, and so much more depending on the style of shoes we choose to wear. On that account, most of us love shopping for shoes. However, it can get tedious sometimes especially when we shop from retail locations. Fortunately, today’s technology allows us the convenience to purchase virtually everything from the comfort of our homes and sites like ShoeDazzle  could help turn the tedious chore into a fun and satisfying experience. But could it really do that? This article intends to answer that and give you more information and honest reviews from real women who have already purchased from their site.

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What is ShoeDazzle?

ShoeDazzle is an online shoes, apparel, and accessories ecommerce website established by Brian S. Lee, co-founder of; attorney Robert Shapiro, and TV personality Kim Kardashian who is also the company’s ‘face’ and chief stylist. The company is based in Santa Monica, California and was founded in March 2009.

ShoeDazzle offers an online club membership that allows women to join by initially completeing a survey that indicates their personal fashion choices and styles. Company consultants and designers use this information profile to identify the particular style and choice of shoes, handbags, and accessories that best fit you.

Once a member, you will be presented with five determined choices for designer shoes on a monthly basis. If you don’t want any of the predetermined choices, you can pick from other shoe styles. They offer styles ranging from high heel pumps to stylish sandals and from the ultra stylish to conservative. Apparently, the company designs and oversees manufacturing of all shoes to ensure quality and offer irresistible prices.

The company frequently collaborates with celebrities like Vanessa Lachey to create limited-edition footwear. Proceeds go to charitable organizations such as Susan G. Komen for the Cure, the Orange You Happy to Erase MS campaign, American Heart Association, Women Heart: The National Coalition for Women with Heart Disease, and Kidney Cancer Association among others.

How the shop works

  1. Take a brief style quiz – This lets the stylists know your taste in fashion and helps them provide you personalized selections of shoes, handbags, and accessories based on your answers.
  2. Sign-up to the official website – It’s a very short process where you only provide your email address and create a password. Signing up is free.
  3. Get your personal showroom – Within 24 hours, you will receive an email that your showroom is ready. The showroom contains your personalized selections of shoes, handbags, and accessories live at ShoeDazzle. On the first day of every month, your showroom will be updated with new personalized selections.
  4. Go shopping – You can choose anything from your own showroom or shop from the site’s Boutiques or Lookbooks and get complimentary shipping within the contiguous United States.

There is no cost for membership. Signing up for ShoeDazzle is free, so is cancelling your account. You’re supposedly never obligated to buy anything. No financial obligation if you don’t make any purchase. Their site says shipping cost is free within the US and return items are allowed if in case the shoes you purchase don’t fit properly or for any other valid reasons.


  • Shop in the convenience of your home
  • No monthly fees like other online shoe clubs
  • Updated personalized showroom every month
  • Earn points by purchasing shoes and inviting your friends to join.
  • Get a free pair of shoes for 1000 points you earn
  • Purchase can be returned free of charge if they don’t fit you or for other reasons


  • You won’t know if your choice of shoes would be comfortable or how they would look on you.
  • Not all shoes are true to size. Some customers got the idea to order a size bigger.

Real user reviews

It was easy finding real customer experiences as this online shoe shop is already very prominent. Here are just a few samples.

The following comments reveal its limitations…

Based on the general consensus, ShoeDazzle is a hit with many women who have already signed up and experienced their products and services.


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