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Sport-elec Shapentone system claims to increase endurance for consumers who wear their belt. Similar products on the market tout toning and stimulation of muscles, but Shapentone appears to focus on improved endurance as a benefit of the product. The system uses EMS (Electronic Muscle Stimulation) technology which is the method used by ab belts. It also comes with an extension for larger waistlines.

Pros and Cons

  • If pad aren’t replaced do they lose strength?
  • Extender belt
  • Largely advertised
  • Appears to be cheaper material compared to better quality belts
  • Variety of intensity levels

In addition, a possible concern is the heavy marketing for this product. It’s the brand using the “As seen on TV” ad. If the manufacturer, Sport-Elec Shapentone, sinks that kind of money into advertising is there another area where they make up that money? Again, that may or may not be a concern. It is vital to check on quality of the system. If the mini-computer used to send signals to muscles isn’t properly working or has a design flaw, the belt might not work as it is intended.

Another possible positive or negative depending on the consumer is all the settings offered on the controller. Shapentone has four different programs with 30 different intensity levels for each program. That makes 120 different options for users. For some that could mean variety and for some that might mean confusing or a sense of being overwhelmed.

Items included

  • Move It or Lose it exercise CD
  • Controller
  • Ab belt with built-in pads
  • Cream for the belt
  • Extension belt for larger waistlines

Bottom Line
Before purchasing the Sport-elec Shape’n’tone or any major device like an ab belt, check customer reviews and ratings. Know what you are buying, the total price and the return policy for the product. A little common sense and a some research will help make good consumer choices.


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