Setting Up Your Dartboard


Setting Up Your Dartboard

There are certain rules that need to be followed during Electronic Dart Board Set Up. It is rather simple to do but you must remember that from the floor to the center of the dartboard, or the bull’s eye, should be around five feet eight inches. Make sure also that it is flush with the wall with no leaning and a red laser pen can be used to make sure it is level.

Also during Electronic Dart Board Set Up, measure at least seven feet from the throwing line to the board. This can be done with either tape or chalk. Now, mostly all dart boards come with a set of basic mounting instructions to help make the job go much more smoothly. Make sure that the dart board is in a safe spot in your home or garage free from objects that can be broken in the event of an unruly dart. Electronic dart boards are pretty safe in that the darts are usually plastic so, no worries there, but just in case the dart thrower is practicing for the local baseball team, make sure there is nothing in the peripheral.

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Electronic Dart Board Set Up usually takes no longer than about fifteen minutes and most of the tools involved are just a few nails, a hammer and the ever so helpful laser pen for leveling. Many pool halls and sports shops have dart supplies that you will want to look into once everything is set up and ready to go. Recommended are dart flights which do not generate lift so your dart will not fly off into the distance.

Too, while in the process of Electronic Dart Board Set Up, you want to make sure it is not near any windows that can be broken and always make sure the door to the room it is in is behind you. We want to avoid someone accidentally walking into the path of a dart or upon entering the room, seeing a dart flying at their faces. That can become not a very good situation very quickly with the panic factor. So, always make sure your back is to the door while facing the dart board.


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