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So you want to enjoy rich in flavor delicious gourmet coffee, but hate the mess and hassles of cleaning? Then single cup coffee makers may just be the solution for you.

Answers you’ll find in this article:

Types of Single Cup Coffee Brewer

Coffee Pods brewing machines are what sometimes referred to as personal coffee makers. They are designed compact and portable for a single person use, and are often not much bigger than the size of the cup itself. The idea is to make premium roasted and ground gourmet coffee retain its flavor when brewed on demand, by keeping them in vacuum sealed coffee bags, just like how instant tea bags work.

K-Cup Keurig single cup coffee maker is all about making quick beverage, instantly brewed within 20 to 60 second . Every cup of coffee is prepared from well sorted ingredients in tested and perfected portions. Keurig K-cup machines can also be used for making hot chocolate, tea and many other hot beverage drinks as well.

Tassimo – a single cup brewing system popular for making espresso, especially hot drinks that involves mixing in milk, like latte and cappuccino. The system originated in France back in 2004, invented and developed by Kraft Foods. It is now well known all over the world. Tassimo only uses Tassimo coffee pods, also known as T-Disk. The two most sought after brands for this kind are Bosch and Braun Tassimo single cup coffee pot.

Advantages of Single Serve Coffee Makers

  1. Easy and convenient to use, because most brewers use premade and well mixed portions of coffee grinds and gourmet ingredients just enough for a single serve.
  2. Versatile for travels, use on the road or airport. Single serve coffee maker makes it possible to have quick, full of aroma coffee cups anytime you desire, even when you drive in a car or go for hiking trips.
  3. Compact and space efficient. Most are mini pods, so small in size that they can be easily kept nicely and tidy on any office table. Example, the Senseo single serve coffee machine measures only 13″1/2 x 12″ x 8″1/2 and is designed just like a travel mug.
  4. No cleaning or mess involved with grinding your own roasted beans.

Disadvantages of Single Serve Coffee Machines

  1. Expensive on a one-cup cost basis.
  2. Limited choice of flavors. Because you don’t actually grind your own coffee beans, your selection is limited to what different brands and suppliers are offering for their specific models.

What are the Best Single Cup Coffee Maker Brands?

Currently, Keurig, Philips Senseo, Black and Decker, Braun and Bosch Tassimo are the leading manufacturers of single cup machines.

Before you head off to local store or buy a single cup coffee maker online, it might pay off to base your buying decision on the type of coffee you’ll enjoy drinking. After all, you don’t want to end up with a machine that can’t even brew your favorite flavor, right?

Depending on the time of the day, like morning breakfast, afternoon break, or after dinner relaxation, there are variety of flavors to suit your mood and personal taste.

What are Some Best Coffee Flavors?


For all day enjoyment, you can try something as exotic as theSenseo Dark RoastKenya blend or Colombia Supremo.

We found Daybreak Morning Blend by Caribou Coffee or Senseo’s Breakfast Blend are some of the best to start a day full of energy and freshness.

For after dinner dessert, Van Houtte Spicy Mayan Chocolate from Keurig K-Cups will give you richly flavored dark chocolate taste with a hint of spicy cinnamon. Somewhat reminding of Moroccan coffee, its chocolate actually adds a whole new dimension to this K-cups pleasing smell and unique texture.

Are you a decaf lover? Then Senseo Day’s Dawn or Tassimo’s French Vanilla Decaffeinated will help you chill down and relax after a full day of busy work.

When looking for luxury indulgence, you’d want something like Tassimo Gevalia Swiss Hazelnut or Melitta’s Southern Pecan Pie and Skip the Buzz.

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