Should I use a security camera at my desk?


One of the reasons that people use security cameras is for their own physical safety. People place these cameras strategically outside of their home so that if they hear a noise they can turn it on and ensure that no one is trying to enter their premises.

These cameras are also used to stop theft, as the home often has many valuable items inside that can be taken and sold by thieves and criminals. It is with that in mind that many companies place security cameras in their stores – especially retail stores – in order to ensure that thefts do not occur.

But the risk of theft is not limited to those that are trespassing on a property in order to take valuable goods. Sometimes the people that steal are invited willingly – and may even be there every day.

Employee Theft Statistics

You work with them every day. They seem like trustworthy people – easy to get along with, and clearly free of a criminal past. But it is not intruders that are the leading cause of theft in the workplace – it is the employees themselves. And this is not a rare occurrence. In fact, the numbers on employee theft are astonishing.

·        There is a loss of 50 billion annual in the United States alone attributed to employee theft.

·        At least 75% of all employees have stolen something from the office once in their lives.

·        Companies fail at an alarming rate due to employee theft alone.

Employee theft is not an interesting phenomenon – it is a serious problem, and your desk may easily be at risk. In addition, that risk is magnified if you work in cutthroat jobs such as in sales, the housing market, or anywhere else that information has its own unique value to either you or your company. Your desk sits there, unwatched for as many as 16 hours of the day or more, and during that time it is open to theft from your coworkers, maintenance staff, and anyone else that may have access to your office.

Getting a Security Camera

A security camera will allow you to see who has been near your desk, and whether or not they have taken or borrowed any items that are valuable to you. You can monitor your desk while you are away, or tape through the night so that if anything is missing you have the opportunity to catch the culprit. A security camera at your desk will even deter people from risking a theft, knowing that they are possibly being watched and their chances of getting caught are greater.

It is not difficult to find a decent surveillance camera that you can use to monitor your desk. Network cameras are widely available, and will allow you to watch your desk from anywhere that has internet access at any time of day to ensure that both your valuables and your information are kept safe from both prying eyes and eager hands.


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