Scroll Saw Buying Guide


What Scroll Saw to buy?

is one of the primary things to consider when starting this hobby, there are few things to think about whether you buying your first scroll saw, or you are thinking to upgrade to a much better one, in this article I am going to try to discuss all the viewpoints in order for you to make the best decision before buying a scroll saw

 Blade changing

Scroll saw blades are two types, either pin-end or pinless, ,some saw take only one type of blade while others accept both,  preferably , saw should take standard 5″ pinless blades,  many scroll works cannot be performed using scroll saw fitted with pinned blades, one disadvantage of pinned blade is that you need a much larger hole when doing a small inside detailed cuts,

How quick and easy to change the scroll saw blades

Does changing the blades require a tool? Tooless blade changing make it quick and easy to change blades, opposite to using tools for changing the scroll saw blades  which can be cumbersome  and can affect your workflow,  some scroll saw projects needs hundreds of holes,  this require to removing and replacing the blade several times,  make sure the process of blade replacing is easy and quick.

Variable speed

a feature that is available in almost all scroll saw  and at  any price range,  the benefit of speed control is to  use different  speed to cut different type of material. Some scroll saw require to move a belt to a different pulley if you want to change the speed, look for electronic speed controller


vibration is an important factor to consider when buying a scroll saw, a machine that runs smoothly is more enjoyable to use, saws with excessive vibration requires more pressure to control them, its also depends on the model and the cost of the machine, however, there are multiple ways  to reduce the vibration, an example is mounting the saw to a stand,  many manufacturers offers special stands made up for their saws.

Maximum depth of the cut

The depth of the cut is important for people who makes boxes, it also  depends on how large is the project you working on, 50mm cut depth should be  good for most scrollwork projects, also consider  that larger projects requires larger tables .

The layout and design

It’s very important to consider the location and the position of the machine’s  control switches,  for example, the most convenient position of the speed controller is near the front , next to it is the On/Off switch as well as the tension lever all  located at the front for easy reach . This saw control layout can make changing the blades also easier, it also an advantage to have the speed control and the tension lever within reach for occasional adjustment and while on the middle of the cut.

Tilting Table

Some projects requires cuts at an angle such as relief cutting and bowl, fortunately  most scroll saw are fitted with tilted table, this allows to adjust the table to cut angled pieces, some tables tilt from 0 to 45 degree , some can be  tilted on both side .


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