Schwinn Elliptical


Ellipticals have become a very popular way to achieve a great cardiovascular workout. A Schwinn Elliptical is one of the many brands on the market you will want to consider when purchasing an elliptical. These machines are great because they are very low impact. This reduces strain on joints, which is one of the reasons this type of machine has become widely popular.

Schwinn Elliptical trainers are a good option to consider if you are looking to spend no more than $1000. They currently have four models to choose from. All the Schwinn elliptical machines have 16 levels of resistance. They also all have foot pedals that pivot (except the Schwinn 430 which they is now being replaced with the 420). This allows for you ankle to move as it naturally would while running. This improves even greater the natural, smooth stride their machines provide.

The lowest Schwinn model will cost you only $600. It is also the most compact, which is good for space conscious users. It has 12 available workout programs. One drawback of this machine is that the warranty on wear parts is only 90 days. It’s not quite as sturdy of a machine.

Their Variable Stride elliptical will cost you the most at $1000. It does have additional features that may make it worth it to you to spend a little extra. Firstly, the stride length is variable which can be nice to vary your workouts, or just to individualize the fit to be better for the individual. The stride ranges from 2-28 inches. The other great thing about the stride adjustment is that you can continue your workout uninterrupted even when changing the stride. It has a chest strap heart rate monitor. It also has a fan, reading rack, and bottle holder.

Affordability is probably the best part of these machines. If you can find a Schwinn elliptical sale you are in even more luck. You can buy Schwinn elliptical directly from their website, or there are other online stores that sell them as well. You may want to consider checking out your local sports equipment store as well. This way you can test out the machine before you buy it. You might also have some luck getting a great price on the 430 model. Schwinn no longer sells the model, but some retailers might still be phasing them out and lowering their prices to do so.

A Schwinn Elliptical is not going to be the best machine on the market. It may not be the best choice for you if you are planning on having several people use the machine, you are going to use the machine heavily. But, for the average user, it can be an affordable and reliable choice.


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