Sanita Women’s Professional Celina Clog


Since 1907, Sanita has been making comfortable and cosy shoes the Danish way. Every clog they make has their tradition of craftsmanship and caring lives on today. This clog for women is easy on feet. The product has patent upper leather and the polyurethane on the outside makes it durable and excellent traction control. With the new innovated design, exacting standards and attractive new styles these shoes can be worn every season.

Handmade in Europe

The Professional Celina Clog has the unique feature of being handmade. It is very rare to find a pair of shoes that are made just for your feet. The Professional Celina Clog is exactly that. They are suited to the wearer’s feet and make the effort of being able to adapt to the user. Sanita does not want the user to adapt to their products. They want to adapt to the needs of the user.

Anatomically shaped foot bed

Since the shoes are handmade in Europe, men meticulously taking note of the intricacies of the human feet make the foot bed of the shoes. The crafters of the shoes take note of each curve of the feet and have extensively research the shape of feet to design a foot bed that is suited to each person’s need. The effort made to create such a shoe is tremendous but the results are equally extravagant.

Absorbent Insole

The Celina Clog has an absorbent insole. It means that the sole makes sure that the terrain that is being treaded does not hurt feet. It absorbs all kinds of shocks and bursts that may be sent through the foot on account of the uneven path being walked upon. The absorbent insole is an adequate feature for a shoe specially designed to meet all purposes and needs of the wearer. Even if the shoes are worn for a long period of time, the absorbent insole makes sure that the wearer feels as if they have just put on the shoes for the first time. The comfort is paramount in the shoes and does not subside any matter the duration elapsed.

Roomy Toe Box

The toe box or the head of the shoes is the feature that determines the comfort of the shoe to a great extent. The Celina Clog is designed to enhance the suitability of the product to the users by providing an expanded toe box. With enough room for the toes in the shoe, the comfort of the shoe automatically increases. However, the increased space has no bearing on the grip of the shoe, as the grip remains equally aware of the needs of the wearer.


  1. Handmade in Europe
  2. Protective heel cap to prevent blisters
  3. Skid resistant
  4. Allows toe to move comfortably
  5. Great fitting
  6. Affordable
  7. Comes in various colours and designs
  8. Approved by American Podiatric Medical Association (APMA)


  1. Size fitting
  2. Slight Squeak at the beginning

The Professional Celina Clogs are not a mere manufactured product but are a work of art. Handmade by craftsmen, they involve excessive attention to detail and careful precision. They are made with all the heart of an artist with each piece being a proud work of an artist.

The Sanita women’s Professional Celina clogs look classy than the usual. New technology and craftsmanship the Danish way make it popular shoes amongst many women. The attractive colors and designs make it a woman’s preferred choice over other brands. The advantages of this product and the satisfaction received make it worth for the money spent.


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