Salt Free Water Softener Reviews


The Benefits of Saltless Water Softeners and Consumer Reports

Are there any advantages to installing salt free water softeners in the home or office when compared to salt-based water softeners?


The answer is yes. In fact, there are many advantages and pros to owning one of these no salt water softener systems, even when compared to any type of whole house water filtration.

Also, many of today’s modern units can easily be turned into saltless water softeners by employing potassium chloride instead of the more harmful salt media. A quick check in the owner’s manual will tell you if your unit is capable of using potassium chloride.

Benefits of Salt Free Water Softeners


This advantage is often overlooked by homeowners, but can play a very important role in virtually any home or office. Water that is processed through salt-based water softeners becomes corrosive. In essence, you are trading hard water for corrosive water. There is no debate about that. It is a fact.

No salt water softeners do not produce corrosive waters, and as such do not harm pipes, plumbing, or appliances.

Case Study of Easy Water Saltless Water Softener

Easy Maintenance

When compared to other types of water softening or filtration systems, salt free water softener is a breeze to maintain. Virtually all salt-based water softeners require a lot of maintenance in order to function properly.

Not only does the homeowner have to recharge the unit on a frequent basis, but must also spend time backwashing the unit in order to clean it out. Both of these tasks are absolutely critical to keeping the system running properly.

Salt free water conditioners are designed to eliminate all of these time-consuming tasks.

No Plumbing or Drain Requirements

Water conditioners that use salt often have special plumbing requirements. Some units require tapping into the existing plumbing in order to make new connections with the unit. In addition, virtually all salt water softeners require a drain of some sort to be used during the backwash process. This is not a problem if one already has a drain located nearby, but not everyone does. For those who do not have access to a drain, one will need to installed, which can be very expensive.

No salt water conditioner does not require special plumbing work, and is as easy to install as a laundry machine. Many are about the same size and weight as a washing machine, too. Also, a salt free water softener filtration does not require access to a drain of any sort.

No Electrical Connections

As with the drain issue mentioned above, virtually all sodium based softeners require connections to electrical outlets or circuit breakers. Unlike these models, many water softeners without salt media do not require any electricity at all in order to work. This can save homeowners on energy bills as well as prevent accidental shocks.

Consumer Reports: Beware of Buying Fake No Salt Water Softener


While there are many good alternatives in salt free water softeners available on the market today, there are also some “iffy” options available. Consumers should watch out for these.

For instance, one particular device claims that it can treat hard water using the same principles as found in RO units but do so at a fraction of the cost. The device is attached to the tap faucet and contains (so they say) high-powered magnets that “draw” hardness minerals out of the water before it is discharged from the tap.

Testing was done on this device by the Water Quality Association and they found that the device did not “draw” anything out of the water. The study concluded that this device (and others like it) did virtually nothing to the water. While they may say its salt free water softener, it is, basically, useless and should be avoided.

On a side note: there are also some devices known as salt water chlorinators that are used in swimming pools and spas. These units are not suitable for in-home use as water filters or softeners.

Final Thoughts on Saltless Water Softener Systems

Salt free water softeners are a good investment for many homeowners, and are especially useful for those homes that suffer from hard water issues.

Because of new laws being imposed in some areas that ban the use of salt units, shopping for new no salt water systems becomes a necessity.

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