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Not As Safe As You Think?

Do safe plastic water bottles really exist? This has been a burning issue, ever since the revelation that plastic bottles leach harmful chemicals into its contents, especially when exposed to heat.

The main culprit has been Bisphenol A (BPA), which is often used in the production of plastic. Previous studies have shown that people exposed to BPA are at a higher risk of getting breast and prostate cancer, low sperm count as well as uterine fibroid. Even babies and children are at risk, since they tend to consume liquids from plastic bottles.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) says there is nothing to worry about because the BPA levels in plastic water bottles are too low to cause any health damage. However, many in the scientific community are adamant that the threat is real and that the government should step in to protect consumers.

BPA free plastic bottle

Until the government takes action on this matter, consumers should protect themselves. The closest thing to “safe plastic water bottles” is to buy water that is contained in BPA free plastic bottles.

You can easily recognize a BPA free plastic bottle by looking at the bottom of it and seeing the number “7” placed in the middle of a triangle.

What’s Better Than Bottle Water

Bear in mind though, that the risks of drinking from plastic water bottles goes beyond exposing yourself to BPA or any other contaminant found in plastic.

Drinking bottled water poses other risks such as:

1. The environmental damage caused by production of plastic bottles. Global warming and air pollution is increased the more plastic water bottles produced. Some 60 million plastic bottles are made and thrown out daily in the US.

Do yourself and the environment a favor by storing drinking water in a glass decanter. Glass is lightweight portable, and 100% recyclable.

Alternatively, you could use a stainless steel water bottle similar to the ones hikers use or store your water in a water bottle filter. These bottles won’t break and won’t leach chemicals like plastic or aluminum.

Water filter bottles are unique in that they are small and portable. You just pour regular tap water in it and it filters out contaminants wherever you are.

Glass Decanter For Storing Your Filtered Water

Glass Water Bottle

2. The potential for bottled water itself to contain contaminants. A 1999 study done by the National Resource Defense Council entitled “Bottled Water: Pure Drink or Pure Hype,” they state that – “while tap water is indeed risky, having compared the available data, we conclude that there is no assurance that bottled water is any safer than tap water.”

Water Bottle Filter

The report goes on to say that around 22% of the bottle water brands tested, had in at least one sample, chemical levels above state limits. If those chemicals are consumed over the long term, they could cause cancer or some other health problems in consumers.

Furthermore, that study revealed that the EPA’s testing of tap water is much more frequent and stringent than the FDA’a regulation of bottled water. In fact bottle water that is packaged and sold within the same state is exempt from FDA regulations.

Exempted bottled water accounts for about about 60-70% of bottled water sold in America. It is only bottled water that is sold across state lines that is required to abide by such regulations.

If this statistic worries you, forget about “safe plastic water bottles.”

The cleanest, healthiest and safest water to drink is the water you get when you use a home water filtration system to eliminate the contaminants found in your tap water. Then, you can pour that healthy water into a water filter bottle or glass decanter and carry it wherever you go.

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Why take a chance with so called “safe plastic water bottles.” By far, the most economical, environmentally friendly and healthy way to get clean drinking water is to use a house water filter to eliminate the bad stuff from your tap water

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