Ryobi Saws


Ryobi has a large selection of tools, with models covering most every saw application. If you take a look at the Ryobi catalog, they have several models for each type of saw. The KW-300D is a Ryobi circular saw designed specifically to cut along sharp angles, such as when working right up against a wall. The plunge action circular saw allows the operator to cut alongside a wall or other sharply angled area. When cutting at a 45 degree angle, the KW-300D has a cutting capacity of 41mm. At an edged angle, the KW-300D can cut up to 38mm. The saw has a rotation speed of 4300 RPM and weighs 3.0kg.


Ryobi also offers reciprocating saws, such as their RJ-100AV. The RJ-100AV has a stroke speed of 2300 SPM under no load, and a length of stroke of 26mm. The overall length of the RJ-100AV without blade is 405mm, and weighs 3.0kg. The RJ-100AV also has a handy variable speed setting for versatile jobs.

The PCD-3060 is a powerful concrete cutting saw with down cut wheel operation and 4500 RPM blade speed. The PCD-3060 has a max cutting capacity of 75mm with a diamond blade, and 100mm with an abrasive wheel. The overall length of the saw is 595mm and it weighs in at 9.6kg.

The TS-220 is a Ryobi miter saw offering, billed as a “professional 220mm blade miter saw.” The body is fairly lightweight and compact, making it easier to transport. The blade operates at 4500 RPM and has a bore of 16mm.

The TF-5400 is Ryobi’s scroll saw offering. Ryobi has billed the TF-5400 as “durable and powerful.” When working with wood, the TF-5400 has a cutting capacity of 50mm. With steel and brass the cutting capacities are 3 and 4mm respectively. The TF-5400 runs at 950 SPM.


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