RV Water Filters


Comparison of Whole, In-line & Reverse Osmosis Systems

When it comes to RV water filters, consumers have more options today than ever before.


In fact, there are so many options available that many owners of recreational vehicles become confused as to which products are the best choices for them. The good news is with some knowledge on buying RV water filtration systems, making that decision becomes much easier.

There was a time when replacing old RV filters was a chore, but that is not true any longer. Today, recreational vehicle owners have a huge selection to choose from and prices are well within most budgets, even for advanced RV filtering systems.

Replacement cartridges and canisters are also available to meet any need you may have, whether you are buying new media for a specific purpose or simply replacing old media.

How and Where to Find RV Water Filter Information

It can become confusing when owners look for information on RV water filter cartridges, canisters, and systems. The good news is there is, today, a lot of good, solid data online concerning all of these devices, including their purpose and installation instructions.

Still, it is good advice to have some idea of what you want before you go looking for it. For instance, while there are many RV water filter resources available, it is often wise to know if you need an in-line device or if you need a whole-system setup.

Nature Pure RV System Installation – DIY Video Demonstration

Whole RV Water Filter Systems:

As the name implies, these devices will filter all of the water that comes into the vehicle. The most basic of these water filters will attach directly to the supply line (or hose) that feeds into the vehicle. While this type of device is easy to install, it can restrict the amount of flow into the vehicle which can be annoying if your vehicle has a shower.

For most recreational vehicles, the better option is to set up a series of canisters, with each canister performing a certain task for a specific location within the vehicle. Generally speaking, canisters are rated as to what they do. For instance, you may want a high-quality contaminant canister for your drinking water and a high-efficiency sediment canister for your shower and toilet. Owners may also want to choose high-flow canisters which can provide outstanding flow amounts to showers, sinks, etc.

In-Line RV Water Filters:

Devices such as the Everpure RV water filters can be attached directly to any water supply line. These units are easy to install and are available in a wide variety of price points and purposes. Because they are installed into only one supply line, they only filter RV water that travels within that single line.

Many owners will choose to install these units on those supply lines that are used for drinking and cooking, normally in the kitchen and bathroom. However, because of their low cost, they can certainly be installed on all supply lines without breaking the budget.

As with the whole-system units, owners can purchase RV water in line filter units that perform various tasks such as removal of sediment or removal of waterborne minerals. In-line water filtering cartridges must be replaced periodically in order to maintain their effectiveness.

RV Water Filter Reverse Osmosis Systems

Reverse osmosis (also known as RO) systems are more expensive than similar designs sold in the market, but they do a lot more when it comes to cleaning the water of harmful contaminants and unwanted minerals such as iron, fluoride, and chlorine aftertaste.


Reverse osmosis water filters can be purchased as complete package or, for those that already have a water filtration system in their vehicle, can be purchased in basic kits that are added to the existing system.

When purchasing these types of water filters it is important to check the hardware that comes with the unit. Owners should match their size piping with the connectors that come with the unit or ensure that adapters are readily available.

Some of the best RV water filter RO options for recreational vehicle owners can deliver a substantial amount of flow at any given time, which is also an issue to check before buying.

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