Russell Hobbs 15081 Steamglide Iron in White and Blue – 2400 W



Russell Hobbs 15081 is a good model with well-styled blue color for the users that can boasts 2400 W power to crease wrinkles within a short time.  The ceramic soleplate with Steamglide will increase the effort of removing creases from fabrics and give a fresh cloth to the users. The temperature and steam settings gives the user power to control the time of ironing clothes on a higher power to 95 g shot of steam and lowest of 35 g per minute to the users. With the iron and high steam power, the users are getting high performance to the clothes.

Ceramic Soleplate of Russell Hobbs 15081

The ceramic soleplate of Russell Hobbs 15081 gives the highest steam to the iron in order to go through the tricky places and remove the wrinkles from cloth. On this case, you will not get any wrinkles on your cloth as well as the iron does not need much time to gain heat. By giving 2400 W power to the iron, this soleplate becomes a strong weapon to iron a cloth. As a result, the soleplate is perfectly worked on ironing any cloth and gives you a clean cloth to wear.  

Iron Vertically with Russell Hobbs 15081

Russell Hobbs 15081 offers great feature to the users to iron any cloth on vertical position that can easily remove wrinkles from the fabrics. In fact, the users do not need to take out the clothes from hanging in order to iron this. This stylist blue iron will give good steam to iron your hanging clothes quickly to save your time. Moreover, the water spray wills also help to iron the hanging clothes smoothly and quickly.

Anti-Scale Feature of Russell Hobbs 15081

Anti-scale feature is one of the best features of Russell Hobbs 15081 iron in order to prevent any type of scale during ironing. As a result, you will not need to iron an area again and again due to the problem. Moreover, anti-drip mechanism feature of the iron offers you to stop water leaking during ironing. As a result, you can use the guard to 360-degree angle to swivel cord.

Large Water Container

Russell Hobbs 15081 has a large container water spray that can contain 350ml water capacity. As a result, you do not need to use to re-fill the water container now and then. Moreover, the re-fill function of the iron is quite impressive that needs not much time to full it. On the other hand, the users can easily use the water spray during ironing in order to remove deep wrinkles from any type of clothes. As a result, the users can also increase the steam power of the iron in order to dry the water within a short moment.

Heavy Weight

Russell Hobbs 15081 has good features but the weight of the iron is little bit heavy for comfortable ironing. The iron is about 1.6kg that will give good and deep recovery to the wrinkles but it does not give good impact during ironing. In fact, the users need to handle hardly with this heavy weight iron.


  • Cool Performance
  • Anti-Scale feature
  • Vertical Position Ironing
  • Ceramic Soleplate with 2400 W Power


  • Little bit heavy
  • Only 2 Meter Cable

Russell Hobbs 15081 has given good quality features to the users in order to iron any fabric comfortable at home. The iron is also suitable and perfect for any type of garments for ironing the clothes to give it a good refreshing face. On this case, you also need to keep in mind about the cable length and weight before approaching to buy the iron.


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