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Rotorazersaw review: Versatile and high performing must have cutting tool

Rotorazer saw is marketed by Ideal Living, which is dedicated to providing customers with products that foster better life. The company is into direct response TV, retail and internet sales.

Therabotanics, Ideal Living and Envion are popular brands of Ideal Living Management Company.   It is a well-established retail and DRTV business operating since 1993. All products marketed by the company deliver high performance and efficiency. Rotorazer saw is one of the products that Ideal Living markets, which reveals its premium quality.

Rotorazer saw is a professional grade high power hand saw for use in precision cutting of any material and on any type of surface. It is ideal for all types of construction, craft and remodeling projects.  It is compact in size, but packs huge power ensuring efficient handling of any cutting job.

The safe and easy to use saw is durable, light in weight and most importantly versatile in nature.  When you are into home improvement jobs or any craft project, it is definitely a key tool to possess. Let us look at the product in more detail.

Dimensions and specifications of Rotorazer saw

Rotorazer saw delivers great performance, whether it is renovation projects or your hobbies you want to indulge in. The top notch quality makes it ideal for professional usage too. The package dimensions of the product include 14.1 x 9.8 x 4.7 inches. The tool weighs 5.3 pounds. It is provided with a cord of length of 6.75 ft. for electrical connectivity and a hose length of 5.3 ft. And the saw does not need batteries.

The product package comes with three blades that can be quickly changed, according to the type of job at hand.  The blades are cable of cutting through any type of sturdy material including hardwood, ceramic tile, metal, steel, marble, drywall and PVC.  The blade is powered by a motor of 400 watts capacity. The motor is housed inside a chassis of top construction grade quality. The saw also has a Dust Extraction system enabling dust free and hassle free operation.

Outstanding features of Rotorazer Saw

Rotorazer saw is designed with specific focus on ultimate convenience and efficiency in all types of cutting jobs. Here are some of the important feature highlights of the multipurpose saw:

  1. Versatile function

The convenient to use Rotorazer saw is a circular saw that combines the functions of various different saw types including hand, circular, jigsaw, band, hacksaw, miter saw and tile saw.  The saw blade is designed is such a way that you can make any type of cuts including plunge, curved and straight cuts.  The saw is durable and portable making it a highly efficient product.

  1. Powerful motor

The 400 watt motor has an RPM of 3,400 making it a potent tool to use for any type of cutting you require.  The chassis that houses the motor is of top notch construction quality and is designed to fit in your hand deftly. The safety on and off switch controlled by thumb for the motor ensures you can use the motor judicially. The saw also comes with a safety switch, so you can keep the blade covered until you start using it. The easy to adjust depth cutting lever lets you choose from deep, medium and shallow cuts deftly.

Ease of use

To start using the Rotorazer saw you need to just follow the steps below:

Step #1: Choose a suitable blade for the cutting surface you use and attach it to the saw.

Step #2:Slide the power switch and hold it forward.

Step #3:Make adjustments to blade guard to reach the required cutting height.

Step #4:Plug the electric cord to the outlet and start cutting.

Convenient design

The Rotorazer saw is quite powerful, in spite of being small, which is mainly due to its stellar construction and robust motor. It can easily cut through hard materials like marble. The Dust Extraction feature enables a mess- free workspace saving you plenty of effort and time. The portable design makes it easy to use it anywhere you want. The adjustable lever for cutting depth gives you choice of cutting deep, shallow or medium, according to the needs of your job.  The power switch helps control the saw while operating.

Blade types and materials used in construction

The change blades provided for cutting are of three types:

Diamond blade: This is for cutting very hard surfaces such as stone, tile, marble etc.

Tungsten Carbide blade: This blade material is ideal for PVC, wood and other such surfaces.

Steel blade: This is best suited for steel and metal surfaces.

With the choice of three blades, you can easily work on a wider selection of materials. With the adjustable cutting option and three different cutting blades, the Rotorazer saw is definitely a comprehensive tool with multiple benefits.

Manufacturer warranty

Rotorazer saw is manufactured by ZhangjiagangnChuangji Machinery Mf, which is based in China. Razer Tools LLC, imports the product via Los Angeles, California. Ideal Living, a direct response product marketing company, takes care of advertising and marketing the product. Ideal Living is based in Van Nuys, California and is famous for brands such as Paint Zoom, WalkFit Platinum and Prosvent.

Rotorazer Saw is available as direct purchase from the manufacturer and prices include shipping and handling charges. The product includes three blades made of steel, tungsten carbide and diamond, a durable case for safeguarding the Rotorazer when it is not in use, a dust extraction feature that can be attached to a vacuum for cleaning up dust that accumulates during cutting and a bonus offer of 310 drill pieces.

The product is available with a money back warranty of 30 days that excludes the shipping and handling fees. For customers who are looking to return the product, the customer service can be contacted at 800-220-7975.

Advantages of Rotorazer

  • It allows you to cut any type of material and to any depth you want, and the cutting can be done on any material surface
  • It is compact, light in weight and portable, so you can easily carry it anywhere
  • Comes with a money back warranty of 30 days
  • Very easy to use
  • Its versatile features make it ideal for routine use as well as for occasional use
  • The blade can cut in any direction, hence provides a smooth and better working experience
  • It is designed with good safety features. The safety switch helps to lock blade guards until you put it to use. This is not present in other cutting saws
  • The blades can cut deeply and penetrate through the toughest materials with ease
  • Blade depth adjustment guards help to cut at any desired level including shallow, deep and medium depths
  • Price is not expensive

Drawbacks of using Rotorazer

  • Saw handle is very large making it inconvenient for individuals with small hands. You need to grip the saw properly to exert sufficient pressure, so the blade cuts to the desired depth.
  • The saw is not provided with lock button for power. A user should press the power button by applying pressure on it for switching on and off.
  • No information is provided by the manufacturer for replacement parts.
  • The blade changing is difficult as it needs two tools, one to hold the blade and another to turn the blade.
  • An on board space for storage of the small tools would make it easy to keep them all in one place.

Bottom Line

Considering that the product replaces multiple other saw types like jig saw, circular saw and more, the Rotorazer is definitely a product worth buying. Besides its multi- purpose use, the various features like three different blades for different cutting depths, blade adjustment guard, portability and ease of use make it a highly beneficial saw to own. The powerful motor is an added advantage. With very few drawbacks to consider, the expertly designed Rotorazer is a great product to purchase.

Customer Reviews

The customer reviews for Rotorazer Saw reveal that the saw is a good product to own, if you are not looking for saw that delivers a highly professional cutting job of a specific kind. Many users have found the saw handy for minor home improvement jobs and craft works.

Most of the users like the sturdy motor and easy portability of Rotorazer saw, as it can help them use it anywhere in and around their home or workplace.

A few users were not satisfied with the cutting depth of the blade attachment. And users with small hands, found it difficult to grip the saw while cutting, making it quite awkward for them.

Some users have mentioned that the vacuum works well for smaller jobs, but not for bigger ones. And a few users have mentioned difficulty in using the safety release.

Users have also indicated the case could have been of better quality and design, as it does not close properly.

All in all, the Rotorazer saw does a decent cutting performance that is sufficient for the jobs that of smaller magnitude. However it is not designed to meet with the demands of a professional cutting job for which a dedicated saw is perhaps the best option.



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