Roho Cushion


Roho cushions are the best for elderly people and also for those who are restricted to wheel chair because of their health conditions. Roho cushions are medical products which are designed suiting to the health requirements of patients. For those who are unable to walk and for those who have knee or joint problems, when they use Roho cushions in their wheel chair, it gives them lot of comfort and relaxation.

The products of Roho are very good and have been outstanding in meeting various needs of people. The prices of Roho cushions are very moderate and are affordable. Further there is no need for the maintenance as these are long lasting and durable. Many prefer Roho cushions because of the high quality and high performance.

It is important to understand that Roho cushions are specially designed for wheel chair community and there can be no other best cushion other than Roho cushion because of high manufacturing design and also give lot of comfort to the customers. There are many good models and various designs in Roho cushions and some of these are, high profile quadtro, mid profile quadtro select cushion, low profile quadtro selection, high profile compartment cushion, high profile dual compartment cushion, enhancer cushion, nexus spirit cushion, low profile single compartment cushion, contour select cushion and harmony cushion. Such as the length of so many models of cushion, will enable a variety of customers to choose what they want from Roho cushions for their regular use.

Any person who is suffering from any disability or inability to walk or move freely, will be prescribed a wheel chair in which a suitable model of Roho cushion can be arranged for easy comfort and convenience of seating. With the successful sales and marketing of Roho cushions, it is already evident that Roho cushions offer good comfort to the users and they will be relax in their wheel chair.

It is truly a difficult process to be restricted to wheel chair and especially for those who have been very active in the past feel it very hard to be restricted to wheel chair. However, for a certain period of time, if they take rest in wheel chair by using Roho cushion, once they get back to their normal health or physical fitness, they can get back to the normal walk or receive energy to walk and go to their offices. But this period being a crucial time, they must take lot of courage to adjust themselves to Roho cushions and also to the wheel chair.

With the above discussion, it is quite agreeable and acceptable that Roho group is contributing a lot to the medical industry by supplying various medical aid products to hospitals and nursing homes apart from regular individual customers.


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