Rockwell RK7240.1 Table Saw Review


Rockwell RK7240.1 Table Saw Review

Rockwell RK7240.1 Shop Series Table Saw

The Rockwell RK7240.1 Table Saw comes with a rather sturdy design. This bench top table saw is a lightweight one weighting around at only 35 lbs. This lightweight nature and portable feature makes it a convenient tool to be used at home or at work place.

Rockwell RK7240.1 Table Saw Features

  1. Its Lightweight Design Makes it easy to transport from and between places
  2. The Safety on/off switch is large enough that ensures better control and safety during operation
  3. For easier cleaning, this saw comes with integrated dust collection port
  4. For using larger stock piles, take advantage of its Quick Lock rip fence
  5. For greater stability and accurate cuts, the Rockwell RK7240.1 Table Saw comes with cast aluminum table

Powerful Machine

The motor used in Rockwell RK7240.1 Table Saw is of 13.0 Amp that offers smooth and precise cuts. The motor ensures that you get enough power to precisely cut according to your preference in a faster way. The enthusiasts and the professional woodworkers will love this saw a lot.


This saw is light at just 35 lbs. It ensures greater mobility and portability around the jobsite. It is also ideal to be used at home or can even be used as a regular workshop tool. It ensures greater one handed transportation unlike the other tools.

Larger Safety Switch

The Rockwell RK7240.1 Table Saw comes with enhanced control of operation, as the safety switch has now been made larger for easier use. It contributes a lot at controlling the machine and ensuring safety around the workplace.

Larger Table Top

The tabletop is made of cast aluminum that ensures you sturdy stand and precise cuts. With this, you can now worry less about stability as it offers so.  A quick release rip fence provides greater and quicker access to the complete table. With this, now you can work with even larger stock piles and work pieces up to about four hundred square inches.

Greater Cleaning

The Rockwell RK7240.1 Table Saw has an integrated dust collection bag that works efficiently without any hassle. It helps to keep the machine clean and thus you get assurance of the machine’s longevity. It prevents dust from accumulating on the tool and absorbs the lubrication on the machine that might cause harm to the tool. The special design of Rockwell RK7240.1 Table Saw allows the user for cleaning the complete tool by just simply connecting the vacuum hose.

Accurate Cuts

The blade is made of tungsten carbide and is of 10 inch. With this tool, you can now enjoy bevel cuts up to forty-five degrees and cut at 3 inch depth at 90 degrees. Enjoy 2.5 inch deep cuts at 45 degree angle with Rockwell RK7240.1 Table Saw.

The PROS of Rockwell RK7240.1 Table Saw

  1. The Quick Release Rip Fence is helpful
  2. Enjoy greater work area with cast aluminum table top
  3. Enjoy safe work area with the large safety on-off switch
  4. Adjustable blade that is easy to use and set up
  5. This tool is quite affordable

The CONS of Rockwell RK7240.1 Table Saw

  1. You cannot put a Dato blade on it
  2. The shaft is sometimes too short when you work with different pieces
  3. The miter groove is not that deep, you can only cut up to 5/8 inche


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