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Manufactured by Bella CucinaRocket Blender is one of the most inexpensive kitchen tool appliances, yet catering to all your blending or mixing requirements. If you compare Rocket Blender vs. Magic Bullet for example, you will find that the former is more of a knock-off.

Rocket blending kit comprises of a blending unit, a small blending cup and drinking cups (4). Basically it is a 17 piece set. Some of the lids have holes in them for straining purpose. Designed specifically for users who like simple interfaces, this food blender has a strong motor unit and doesn’t have any buttons.

Rocket’s round and simple looking design helps it to prepare any mixtures, like: protein banana shakes, grinding coffee beans or making hot chocolate drinks, in a fast and efficient way. The highlights of this product are that it is very easy to clean it. Being a compact unit, the item is light weight and very portable for frequent travel cooking. Additionally it can be cleaned without hassles.

It is best to use shaved ice with whatever mix you are preparing but you can also use ice cubes as well. To make a smoothie you don’t have to manually depress it as you have to do with some other blenders. The blending unit simply gets locked in its place and the motor spins. Just ensure that you do not exceed the blending time for more than 2-3 minutes or else the crushed ice may melt and the mix may become watery.

Pros of Rocket Blender

  • As already mentioned the blender is very light weight. This is because the entire body is made of plastic instead. This translates into numerous benefits – it is a portable smoothie blender that can be carried to your parties or patio.
  • The blades are manufactured from stainless steel and can easily crush the ice cubes. They are good at blending, chopping and mixing food. Most of the products that belong to Rocket Blenders comprise of 2 blades – a flat one and a cross blade.
  • Rocket has a great locking system. Once you have rotated the blending cups clockwise, the mechanism ensures that it is safely blending your mix. In the meanwhile you can perform other chores of kitchen.

Cons of Rocket Blender

  • The main problem with these drink blenders is that they wear out easily. One can perhaps blame it on the low craftsmanship.
  • Some customers have complained that the blender stopped right in the midst of operation while processing their gourmet food ingredients.
  • Other have reported that the containers broke or started to leak after some time of use.

Recommended – Best Rocket Blenders


Sensio 13330 Bella Cucina
Rocket Blender

Bella Cucina 13330 Rocket Blender is a 12 piece product that has a sleek design. The features of this smoothie blender are that it is light weight and has a locking mechanism that will keep your hands free for other chores. It is noiseless and doesn’t require much of cleaning. All of these good things make it perfect for any traveling occasions. the Bella Cucina is very cheaply priced at under $30 cost.

But then the main issues are that you need to hand wash it. You have to use warm water and a little soap. Its one year warranty is great as the machine tends to wear out fast. The warranty ensures that you can replace the parts. Moreover some customers have noticed that the containers do leak. So if you compare Rocket Blender vs Magic Bullet, you will see that Magic Bullet doesn’t leak if you are on a go.


Sensio 10029 Bella Cucina
Rocket Blender

Bella Cucina Rocket Blender 10029 is another recommended product. It has a ergonomic – user friendly design and the stainless steel blades make for evenly mixed portions with less power consumption. The cap is provided with screws, hence you can be assured that the mix will not spill even if you are traveling. Some consumers feel that on comparing this Bella Cucina Rocket Blender vs Magic Bullet the former is much better. Other good thing is that you won’t have to worry about cleaning anything rather than the 3 jar containers it comes with.

However some customers felt miserable as these juicer blenders are not made for heavy blending job. The coupling is made of plastic so in some instance it can easily heat up and is not powerful enough for tough jobs. Some owners even reported the melting of the base after a heavy load, so be careful not to abuse it too much..


With so many mixed reviews, the Rocket Blenders have one thing in common – they are not made of good quality materials to start with. Initially you can make many delicious smoothies and drinks out of it, but later when the machine wears off, you will be glad to make even 1-2 glass of fruit juice a day.

However, the low price range of under $50 might be a good consideration for these brand of cheap smoothie blenders. For instance, editors at in their detailed demonstration of Rocket Blender review stated that the model really enhanced Medifast experience. So overall, this is definitely a very good bargain, and you get what you pay for.

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