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Which RoC Skin Care Products Are Right for You?


Ask a woman what anti wrinkle cream she uses, and one name you might hear is RoC face cream.

While this anti aging product may not have the instant recognition in the U.S. of, say, L’oreal or Olay, it’s a very popular product in other areas.

So what is it about RoC skin care products that makes them so popular worldwide? Here’s the 411 on the Roc facial cream line, how the products work, and what the customers think:

RoC Retinol Correxion Deep Wrinkle

This product contains retinol, which allows aging skin to regain elasticity, reducing the appearance of wrinkles and crow’s feet. In a clinical trial, an independent lab reported it was far more effective at diminishing wrinkles than a leading anti aging cream. In addition to reducing wrinkles, more than 90% of study participants reported these RoC face creams improved damage caused by sun exposure.

But what do users say? I looked at online RoC skin care reviews and learned that customers give it generally good reviews for its reduction of crow’s feet and cheek wrinkles. However, users with sensitive skin reported reactions, including burning sensations, dry skin, and redness. A few users did claim their skin became so dried out they now appear to have more wrinkles than before they began to use these RoC skin products.

RoC Complete Lift Daily Moisturizer

This is a lightweight moisturizer that contains a sunscreen, making it ideal to wear day-in and day-out. But it doesn’t stop at moisturizing the skin and preventing further sun damage; this Roc face cream also contains Protient, which is a tightening agent that visibly firms the skin, according to the company.

Online shoppers loved these RoC skin care products, with one reviewer reporting the tightening agent felt “like a mini face lift.” Customers also reported this RoC cream made their skin feel softer and smoother.

RoC Eye Cream

This may be one of their most popular eye products. In 2006, Correxion Eye Cream won a prestigious award from CEW, a beauty industry group. Its hypoallergenic formula can be used underneath makeup or by itself. Online reviewers give it good to excellent ratings, although even fans complained about the inconvenient tube packaging.

RoC also developed the Multi Correxion Eye Treatment to combat those bags that make us look tired-and older. It contains antioxidants to protect against free radicals (molecules that damage skin cells), Retinol to smooth out wrinkles, and vitamin C to rejuvenate splotchy skin tone. The reviews I found on these RoC creams for the eyes were quite mixed; users seemed to either love the product or hate it.

The RoC Face Cream Prices

From RoC skincare products for the face to RoC Eye Cream, the prices are well within reach for even value-conscious women. For example, shoppers report paying less than $20 for a jar of anti wrinkle cream or a tube of eye cream.

What’s more, the products are also easy to find at drug stores, discount stores or online. Shoppers should also check out the company web site, which sometimes offers printable coupons.

The Final Word About RoC Facial Cream

Unlike uber-pricey department store creams, if RoC doesn’t work for your skin, you might not feel as though you threw a lot of money into the trash can.

It might not be the most well-known anti aging product in the U.S., but RoC face cream has a following in other countries and a history of mostly satisfied customers, making it a contender to be your go-to anti aging cream.


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