Ringside IMF Tech Boxing Gloves


Did you know that there are different types of boxing gloves to suit different types of people? That’s right—many different types of boxing gloves exist on the market today. To provide a quick example, there are just as many inexpensive boxing gloves that best suit suit beginners just as there are mid-range and expensive gloves that better fit more experienced fighters. And for those different levels there are different gloves for training to competition as well.

In fact, experienced fighters have plenty of options on the market that they can choose—whether they’re working their way up the ranks or on the cusp to becoming an active amateur or pro fighter. Yes, there’s pretty much a great selection of gloves on the market to choose.

Some of the most popular brands are noted for being used by amateur and pros alike.

If you’re rather budget conscious, take comfort in the fact that boxing gloves like Ringside gloves are accessible to everyone. While some Ringside gloves are expensive, most are priced appropriately for their quality and durability. In this review, we’re going to take a closer look at the Ringside IMF Tech Boxing Gloves.

Fast Facts ~ Ringside IMF Tech Boxing Gloves

  • Presents the ‘latest breakthrough in boxing glove technology’ with its innovative injected molded foam system.
  • Provides as much as 2.5 inches of padding protection across the knuckles.
  • Made from high quality, full grain leather; stitched together with high quality grade A stitching.
  • Interior lining made from a soft, snag-free material that makes wear and fit comfortable.
  • Comes in lace up and hook-and-look versions.


As mentioned, there are a lot of different boxing gloves on the market. There’s even a lot of Ringside gloves on the market. So, what makes these training gloves better than the others?

What makes these Ringside gloves a solid choice for fighters and boxers? Well, it’s the quality, the durability and the price. When you buy boxing gloves, you’re going to want to look for gloves that fulfill all three criteria. And, it’s pretty safe to say that these gloves do just that.

One of the main reasons why these gloves work is their padding and protection. The IMF Technology – Injected Foam System Technology – produces a glove with thick padding and a great fit. These gloves have 2.5 inches of protective padding around the knuckles, which makes them incredibly suitable for heavy bag work and sparring sessions. The injected foam is said to act like a shield for the knuckles, so that makes these gloves a sound option for people concerned about the safety of their hands.

Given the stiffness of the foam and the quality of the leather, these Ringside gloves will need to be broken in for a few weeks to months. After being broken in, the gloves will snugly begin conforming to the natural shape of your knuckles.

These gloves come in two versions: the lace up and hook-and-loop version. The lace up version provides more wrist support, while its counterpart uses an elastic sleeve that keeps its Velcro strap more snug after sliding it over the strap.

Ringside IMF Tech gloves are made from high quality, premium full grain leather. The stitching is grade A stitching, which keeps all of the leather parts snug and secure. That means this glove is very high quality for a glove at its price range. Wrapping up the construction of this glove is a design that doesn’t physically exert the wearer; instead it efficiently distributes its weight across the entire glove, making wear much less exerting.

The gloves come in many different looks and prints. Mexican or American style to women’s colors.

Customer Impressions

Given the quality of Ringside IMF Tech Boxing Gloves, lots of people can attest to their quality. That means that these gloves have a lot of good reviews. Let’s see what the customers thought.

What Customers Liked

People liked the ‘snug yet comfortable fit,’ including the wrist support provided by the hook-and-loop version. Since the gloves are part of the essential boxing gear and probably the most important protection in boxing, a good fit, protection and support is very important!

The gloves also conform to the natural shape of the hand pretty comfortably, too.

People liked how tightly snug the wrist closure kept the gloves on their hands.

People liked the generous padding around the entire glove, which provided enough protection around the knuckles and the rest of the hand.

What Customers Didn’t Like

People didn’t like that there’s no openings or air holes in these gloves. It makes the gloves heat up quickly when in use, making them uncomfortably hot.

The Western-style construction might not suit people used to other construction styles for boxing gloves.

Some people might not like that these gloves need to be broken in before getting comfortable with them.

Verdict ~ Should You Buy Ringside IMF Tech Boxing Gloves?

The Ringside IMF Tech Boxing Gloves are great boxing gloves for a variety of reasons. The main reason why they work for a lot of people is that they’re high quality, they’re durable and they’re comfortable to wear.

While some aspects of these gloves might not work for some people, they’re clearly non-issues for other people who swear by these gloves.

Just like Grant boxing gloves and Cleto Reyes boxing gloves, some people directly have a good feeling with the Ringside boxing gloves. Other boxers really have to get used to them, break them in, and some will never feel comfortable with them. If that’s the case, you better go look for some other boxing gloves!


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