rheem tankless water heater reviews


Rheem tankless water heater models are very highly rated for their durability and efficiency, and in a recent poll plumbing contactors ranked Rheem as the second best water heater manufacturer for customer satisfaction related to warranty and repair service.

Rheem makes 4 residential gas tankless water heater models and 1 commercial gas model. Most of these water heaters come with a 12 year warranty on the heat exchanger, a 5 year warranty on other parts, and a 1 year service warranty.

All of the rheem gas tankless water heater models have advanced water-flow, gas-flow, and temperature sensors that electronically modulate the burners. This electronic system produces precise hot water temperatures and a high combustion efficiency. Because of their advanced design and efficiency, the Rheem tankless units easily meet low NOx emission standards. These water heaters also incorporate a built-in self-diagnostic program, and an automatic shut-off system which is activated when overheating is detected.

Rheem’s tankless water heaters include a digital remote control, which can be installed in any convenient location. The display panel on the remote control allows you to precisely set your desired hot water temperature. With the remote, you can even fill your bath to a preset temperature and volume. You can also conveniently reset the temperature to a lower temperature for the children’s bath. The water heater’s built-in diagnostic program displays maintenance and error codes on the remote control. This makes troubleshooting very easy. Rheem sells additional waterproof, mobile remote controls that will allow you to change the water temperature from any location.

For very large homes or high hot water demand commercial applications, such as restaurants, hotels and laundromats, up to twenty tankless units can be linked together in a manifold configuration. All models are manifold capable through the use of a modular controller. Two modules can be easily linked using the EZ-link communication cable.

Rheem’s RTG Series of gas tankless water heaters are residential models. Each model in the series is available as an indoor direct vent unit, an indoor power vent unit and an outdoor unit. There are propane and natural gas versions of each unit.

Indicated below are the number of hot water fixture that each of the RTG models can serve at the same time in warm climates (temperature rise of 35 degrees Fahrenheit) and cold climates (temperature rise of 70 degrees Fahrenheit). A hot water fixture can be a shower, a bath, a dishwasher, a kitchen sink or a washing machine. A ½ a fixture refers to a low flow bathroom sink.

The Rheem RTG-42 can serve 2½ fixtures simultaneously in warm climates and 1 fixture in cold climates.
The Rheem RTG-66 can serve 3½ fixtures simultaneously in warm climates and 2 fixtures in cold climates.
The Rheem RTG-74 can serve 4 fixtures simultaneously in warm climates and 2 fixtures in cold climates.
The GT-199 is Rheem’s heavy duty commercial model. This water heater has the same capacity as the Rheem RTG-74 model.

All of these Rheem tankless water heater models qualify as Energy Star water heaters, and they are eligible for a 30% tankless water heater federal tax credit. This rebate applies to the purchase price and the installation cost, up to a maximum of $1,500. Additional rebates may be available from your local utility company.


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