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Hi there! Given that you’re reading this, its safe to assume that you are looking for Revitol Scar Cream reviews and want to learn more about the cream too. What you probably want to know, first and foremost, is if it actually manages to get rid of those scars like it claims.

Here, I will give you the answer and will also show you reviews that I have painstakingly collected from different sources on the Internet. By the time you’re done reading this you will know just what real users of the cream have to say, if this product can help you with your scars and the cheapest and safest place to buy revitol scar cream from.

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What is Revitol Scar Cream?

If you’ve suffered from scars and have tried products in the past to no avail, it is alright for you to be a little apprehensive. This cream, however, has actually had a surprisingly large  share of positive reviews, which I believe is a large contributor behind its growing popularity (word of mouth travels fast!). The fact it’s on TV as well has only helped further its cause.

This cream, the makers claim, is effective in reducing scars caused owing to pimples, burns, injuries, and even surgeries. Bear in mind that the manufacturer does not claim that your scars will magically disappear, but says that they will reduce (i.e. their appearance will become less pronounced).

See my FAQ about revitol’s cream here for further questions that are commonly asked.

All Natural Ingredients

As opposed to subjecting your skin with a barrage of chemicals, this, here, gives you a completely natural alternative. Apart from the all-natural composition, Revitol Scar Cream ingredients also include skin fortifying vitamins and proteins, which, the manufacturer states, help reduce the sight of unsightly scars irrespective of how long you’ve had them.

OK, great, but lets get down to the real nitty gritty and find out what real users of this product have to say.

Here are some real reviews of Revitol’s Scar Cream

The reviews below are ones that I have discerned from many others in the hope of giving you a clear picture of what to expect from this product.

This one’s not from an actual user of the product, but from someone who’s seen how it works on their friend.


This one clearly shows that it did in fact work for her, albeit slower than what she wished for  This is actually an important point – you can expect pretty good results after about a month of usage, but if you think you will get significant results faster than that then you’re expectations are probably a little unrealistic.

Below is another clearly happy user – she mentions a useful point – if you rub excessively for too long make sure you use a sufficient amount to prevent crumbling.

This one in particular seems all gung-ho.

What I’ve gathered from these Revitol Scar Cream reviews (and others I’ve gone through) is that it’s not a miracle product and does not claim to be one. Based on real user reviews though it does, however, succeed in minimizing the appearance of scars. I’ve also created a page that goes into even further detail about whether revitol scar removal cream works.

Where should I buy it from?

In buying this cream you will be presented with numerous options. After carrying out some research on this front I found that the best bet is to deal with the manufacturer’s site. I have this opinion for 3 reasons. Firstly, it is the safest option. It’s hard to say why but the beauty industry more than some other industries have a large amount of scammers and predators looking to take your money (unfortunately I did find some trying to pedal Revitol as well, although I can’t reveal the sites due to potential legal retaliation by them. Ironic huh?). Anyway, the safest bet is the official site.

Secondly, it turns out that the official site is the cheapest!. Basically I like to keep an eye out for discounts and offers. A little gem I found on the official site was a limited time offer where if you buy in bulk you can save up to 50%. That’s serious savings – if you buy in bulk and buy three jars, you get three free. Instead of buying month on month you will really see a big cost saving by getting it in bulk. It’s hard to say exactly how long the offer will stay like that so it would be a good idea to try and take advantage of it. One thing you might like to consider is doing a group buy with interested friends or family so you can all save together.

Lastly, is the customer service, shipping and guarantee the official site offers – basically there is a 90 day money back guarantee so there is no risk to you if it doesn’t work or you don’t like it for whatever reason. All in all these points made the official site my recommended place to buy – getting it from elsewhere is probably a bad idea for the reasons mentioned above. Hope you found this guide helpful!

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