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We all know that scars are those unsightly, white, snaky lines that can either be a minor burden you can shrug off, or disfiguring enough so as to prevent you from living a normal life. We’ve seen others get scars from second degree burns, cuts from sharp objects, road rash, surgical wounds, and other abrasions. We may also have suffered from them in our teenage years if we had the misfortune of getting severe acne. But the question is, what are scars? How do they form? And most of all, how can we safely remove these scars?

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When your skin experiences trauma, like from a cut or bruise, it repairs itself by forming a mesh of tough fibrous tissue called collagen. Basically, the collagen acts as a barrier to prevent blood from seeping through the wound. It’s like the finger plugging the hole in the dike, if you will. Eventually, the collagen continues to grow and expand until it fills up the trauma and puts the skin back in its proper form. Unfortunately, the scar tissue that develops is not as effective as the normal skin tissue. Furthermore, it causes an unsightly appearance, especially if found on the face.

Scars can be permanent if left untreated, and the sooner you try to get rid of scars, the better. There are expensive laser treatments out there that can successfully erase the scars, but fortunately there are also non-invasive alternatives like scar creams. Revitol scar cream has many natural elements inside it that combat scars. Here is a look at the major Scar Cream Ingredients and how they can help:


As a natural ingredient, onion extract works by minimizing swelling and redness. This is best applied in new scars but can also have major benefits for old ones. Onion extract also softens the scar tissue as well as decrease its overall size by inhibiting too much collagen formation.


Copper peptide promotes natural healing by increasing the production of healthy skin cells and eliminating some of the dead tissue developed during the scar formation.


This ingredient naturally masks the scar color to match your skin. Dark and red scar areas soon become lighter when applied with Revitol because of hydroquinone, thus making the scar less likely to be seen by other people.


Glycolic acid helps the scar treatment by exfoliating all the dead skin cells from the scar area, thus making it more susceptible for healing and repair.

Inside Revitol’s Scar Cream are a wealth of ingredients that help in the natural repair of the body. It’s one of the only products out there that promotes a healthy recovery from any wound or trauma in a way that does not cause any cosmetic problems due to scars.

Even though scars are part of the normal healing process, it does not mean that we have to put up with its side effects. With the natural revitalizing effects of the Revitol Scar Cream ingredients, we won’t have to.

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