Reviews of Large Diesel Generators from China


Large diesel generators from China are in abundance, partly because, even after international shipping, these generators compare in price more favorably than domestic products such as Honda or Yamaha. That’s not to say they are as long lasting or accessory laden, but reviewers do seem to report favorably on these large diesel generators from China. Due to the availability of cheap labor and relatively inexpensive transport overseas China seems to be the primary supplier of large diesel generators that are cheap and portable.

Let’s look at a few examples, and their manufacturers.

One of the major manufacturers in eastern China of large diesel generators sells a model 3OG-LHE Deutz diesel generator with a Stamford genset. Packed in a wooden create secured by a steel strap the cheap portable generator can be shipped internationally by sea in it own container vessel.

This large diesel generator comes either silent or open with an STD control panel. You can choose a control panel this is totally automated if you wish. The company is a joint venture of China and Canada and specializes in large diesel generators from China as well as other top-notch industrial products. The firm prides itself on quality service after the sale as well as its cheap portable power. These generators and other power equipment have been exported from China since 1997.

The product line is varied and includes cheap portable diesel or gasoline power generators, sets of water pumps, water and air cooled general purpose engines, agricultural machinery that ranges from small to medium size, all terrain recreational vehicles (ATVs), lawn mowers, snow blowers and so forth that are made in China and exported from there.

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