Review of Swann Maxi Day / Night Security Camera


Review of Swann Maxi Day / Night Security Camera 

Swann has many quality pieces of surveillance equipment at a decent cost. Their name is not as well known in the industry as Q-See or Panasonic, but Swann has designed some of the better security cameras and security systems, and specializes in creating home and business security products. In fact, that is their only product line, and they have spent a great deal of time perfecting their products for use in both the home and office.

The Swann Maxi Day/Night Security Camera is an example of one of the models that they have created to meet the needs of those that use it. It features a broad range of abilities and comes complete with the information you need to get started.

Features of the Swann Maxi Day/Night Security Camera

·        Infrared night vision with 24 LED lights.

·        High resolution (420 TV lines).

·        Uses CCD detection capabilities.

·        Designed with complete mounting system.

·        Comes in weatherproof security casing.

·        65 feet of viewing ability.


The Swann Maxi Day/Night Security Camera is very sturdy, and able to operate under several extreme weather conditions. The manufacturer states that the Swann Maxi Day/Night Security Camera can operate from -4 degrees to 120, well within the temperature change of most climates. The camera has good color quality, and the night vision works well for a camera that costs under $100. Also, the casing is very well-made – the camera can withstand some harsh environments.


The hood on the case looks somewhat ridiculous, and the camera does not have that “intimidating” feel that many people like on their cameras. Despite the 60 foot range advocated by the company, it is difficult to make out numbers after about 40 feet – still within a good range for an inexpensive camera, but not the full 60 that was originally described.

The stand that came with the camera was extremely poor, but newer models have an updated stand that is better able to withstand weight and environmental conditions. The night vision may also benefit from additional lights, but again, for under one hundred dollars, it gives you far more quality than you would expect. Finally, 32 feet of cables is a little short for some people, so factor that into your decision.

Overall Impressions

The key to the Swann Maxi Day/Night Security Camera is the value. It is an inexpensive camera, provides good quality imaging, and is very well made for outdoor use. Should you have the money to splurge on a more expensive camera, you can likely eek out additional features that you will not find on the Swann, but for cameras valued at under $100, this camera is still very good, and the imaging is more than most households will need. Just make sure you get a newer model with stronger mounting support, or be prepared to get a new mount. The company has been willing to send out new mounting hardware for those that were stuck with the less effective varieties.


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