Review of SVAT Electronics Security Cameras


Review of SVAT Electronics Security Cameras    

Despite the prevalence of security cameras on the market today, few companies make it their strength. But SVAT Electronics has been dedicated for years to the creation of high quality security products, with a focus on CCTV cameras and other components that help you meet your home or office security needs.

Headquartered in Ontario, Canada (with a USA office in the heart of New York), SVAT develops a wide variety of security products, including:

·        Security Cameras

·        CCTV Systems

·        Wireless Intercom Systems

·        Spy Cameras

·        Realistic Mock Cameras

·        Baby Monitors

·        Video Door Phones/Intercoms

They have also created warning signs to stop intruders and sell complete security systems for easy set up that are ready for web/network access.

Interestingly, SVAT likes to also venture towards gadget creation. Despite their obvious focus on security systems, SVAT has also created a 12 Language Global Talking Translator and a Digital Wireless Child Tracker Wrist Watch and Kid Finder. It will be interesting to see if SVAT continues to venture towards other electronics or if it remains a focused security camera company.

About SVAT Security Cameras

SVAT does not focus on creating innovative cameras. Rather, SVAT does its best to use existing technology in order to create solid, bug free products at an affordable price. Examples of some of the most popular SVAT Security Cameras include:

·        The SVAT VU5 Indoor/Outdoor Night Vision Security Camera

·        The SVAT CV31 Hi-Res Outdoor CCD Security Camera with Long Range Night Vision

·        The SVAT CV67 Hi-Res Indoor/Outdoor Night Vision CCD Security Camera

Interestingly, SVAT is also very popular with mock cameras, with two of its leading “cameras” – the ISC200 and the ISC203 – both being completely non-functional imitation cameras with special features such as blinking lights to make intruders feel as though they are being watched.

SVAT also creates security cameras accessories. One example is the SVAT CVP201H – a weatherproof protective casing that comes with its own lens wiper to help improve visibility even in some of the harsher weather conditions and allow you to use an indoor camera outside with very little damage.

Impressions of SVAT Security Cameras

SVAT does not have the deepest product line in terms of CCTV cameras available. Instead, they tend to have a broader range of security electronics, venturing into things like covert cameras and more advanced DVR systems. They are also known for their easy set up complete security systems that are ready to be placed all around your home or office.

The cameras themselves are of good quality, and they offer better support than many of the other security camera companies around, based in the United States and offering round the clock access. The SVAT VU5 is a popular model, but many of their cameras do get overshadowed by other manufacturers, such as Panasonic and Q-See. SVAT also does not create a great deal of additional security camera types, like dome cameras, network cameras, or panning cameras.

Still, SVAT has managed to produce some of the better quality cameras available, and their overall systems are definitely solid. You are not making a bad choice with a SVAT security camera. You can buy one online here.


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