Review of SVAT CV65 Security Camera


Review of SVAT CV65 Security Camera 

Those that have looked for CCTV cameras in the past have no doubt come across dozens of different styles that cost over two hundred dollars or more. Security cameras are rarely inexpensive, and those that do not have a large budget to spend on monitoring systems may find that most of the good cameras are well beyond their price range.

Still, when you look in the right place, you can sometimes find quality cameras that will meet your security needs at inexpensive costs. One such example is the SVAT CV65 Outdoor Nightvision Security Camera, a camera which generally hovers around the $50.00 while still coming complete with the features you need to monitor your home or office.

Features of the SVAT CV65 Outdoor Security Camera

·        Durable aluminum non-rust casing.

·        Infrared LED system for night vision.

·        Sixty foot long cable for easier install.

·        Weather resistant parts for environmental safety.

·        Full outdoor color video.

·        Easy installation and understandable setup instructions.


For an inexpensive camera, the SVAT CV65 Outdoor Security Camera is well equipped with features. Full nightvision with 15 LED bulbs, it is easy to see detail at about 10 feet away, and turns on automatically. The casing around the SVAT CV65 Outdoor Security Camera is top notch, and the entire unit is able to withstand a fair deal of environmental damage. Also, the casing itself is fairly stylish, and its non-rust exterior makes it good for outdoor use.


The infrared technology used on the SVAT CV65 Outdoor Security Camera is not as good as it could be. The unit only receives clear video for about 5 to 10 feet, and afterward tends to suffer from a blurred screen, possibly the result of only used 15 LED lights (some of the more expensive models have as many as 32 or more). The camera also has occasional difficulty aiming correctly at its subject, as the casing that surrounds the camera does not allow for many wide angles – as a result, the camera generally only picks up on the precise location it is pointing at.

The color is of good enough quality that one can place the camera further away and still pick up on movement in the distance during the day, but at night the combination of 10 feet of infrared vision and lack of wide angles can make it more difficult to monitor larger areas.

Overall Impressions

The SVAT CV65 Outdoor Security Camera is more about value than about quality. While its daytime images are of more than adequate monitoring quality, and its nightvision better than adequate for as much as ten feet, the system can be limiting for those that are looking to monitor a larger area, especially at night. But the low price and durable casing still make this camera very useful for those looking to monitor a smaller area on a tighter budget, and its easy setup makes it a good camera for more novice security system users. You can buy it online here.


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