Review of Q-See Security Cameras


Review of Q-See Security Cameras    

Some companies, like Panasonic, Sony and Sharp, specialize in a great deal of electronics and do their best to bring that expertise into other industries, such as home and office security products. Other companies, however, focus solely on security and make it their mission to try to come up with some of the best products on the market.

One of the leading do-it-yourself security supply companies is known as Q-See. Based in Anaheim, California, Q-See has made it its mission to create some of the world’s leading low-cost security systems, especially with regards to CCTV cameras. Q-See manufactures:

·        Complete CCTV Surveillance Systems

·        CCTV Digital Recorders

·        Security Cameras

·        Baby Monitors (Wireless CCTV Systems)

·        Biometric Solutions (such as fingerprint security checkers)

·        Accessories (cords, power supplies, lenses and more)

·        Fake Cameras (for deterrent purposes only)

Though Q-See makes some quality DVRS and complete security systems, their specialty is coming up with lower cost, high functionality cameras that fit the needs of both homes and businesses nationwide.

Leading Security Camera Products

·        Q-See QS2350C Outdoor Weatherproof 6mm CCD 420TVL Camera

·        Q-See QSC48030 High Resolution Weatherproof 6mm Color CCD  

·        Q-See QPD308 Indoor DOME Professional 3.6mm Color Sony CCD 420TVL

·        Q-See QPSCDC Indoor Professional 3.5-8mm Varifocal Color CCD 420TVL Camera

·        Q-See QS926C Outdoor Bullet 6mm Color CMOS 400TVL Camera

·        Q-See QSBVC Outdoor Bullet 6mm Color CMOS 400TVL Camera

Q-See has also developed a variety of network cameras and PTZ cameras as well.

Impressions of the Q-See Security Camera Product Line

Q-See is best known for its quality nightvision cameras that come at an affordable price. Their LED lights are generally bright and able to create high quality visual images even in no light. The color quality on most Q-See models is fairly high, with some cameras among the best in the industry. You do not often find the high featured cameras with Q-See (for example, there are currently no cameras that offer full tilt/pan/zoom options), but for one’s CCTV system you can do much, much worse than a camera that comes with the Q-See name.

Interestingly, another strength that is less known about the Q-See product line is the design. Since cameras are meant to act as a deterrent for crime, it is important that they have an impressive design that will be noticed by possible thieves. Q-See has some very well designed cameras – and will do more than enough to reduce the desire for criminals to trespass on your property.

Final Thoughts

Q-See has developed a great deal of affordable and functional cameras that will meet almost all of your security needs. Their CCTV cameras are some of the best available, and their DVR systems and other security products are equally as cost efficient and high performance. Overall, they are a quality brand that makes some good products, and though they may not have many “high end/advanced” products like some of the other brands, they are still a very good choice for your CCTV camera needs. You can buy them online here.


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