Review of Q-See QS2350C CCD Camera Kit


Review of Q-See QS2350C CCD Camera Kit 

There are many cameras that are designed to withstand harsh weather conditions. Some are made with protective casings. Others have been bolted in such a way to withstand wind (and even the brunt of a hammer). Still others have small pieces of plastic above the lens that help block the rain.

But there is one type of weather condition that very few cameras are made for – Snow storms and other cold weather. Condensation, rain, and snow can freeze over and around the lens and cause the image capture to be blurry or blocked. It is difficult to remove this snow and ice without damaging the camera or the lens. So Q-See created a camera with a heat blower, known as the Q-See QS2350C Weatherproof Color CCD Camera.  The heat circulating blower is designed to melt all the snow and ice in front of the screen, and make the entire image appear clear and dry.

Features of the Q-See QS2350C Weatherproof Color CCD Camera

·        8 mm lens for more detail at long distances.

·        420 lines of resolution.

·        Heat circulating blower for added weatherproofing.

·        Infrared night vision capabilities with 12 LED lights.

·        60 foot long cable for easy setup.


The picture quality of the Q-See QS2350C Weatherproof Color CCD Camera is pretty high. 420 lines of resolution is more than enough to get a good, clear image. In addition, the night vision is very effective, and has the ability to pick up color in low lighting with good, crisp images in no lighting. While the infrared could use a little bit of work, the picture quality is still better than most other infrared cameras of the same price.

The oscillating heat blower is a great addition to weatherproofing. It is one of the few features that is not found on even the most expensive cameras, and for those that live in cold climates or would like protection over a rough winter, this camera has the capability to handle it.

Finally, the design of the Q-See QS2350C Weatherproof Color CCD Camera itself is very impressive, allowing the camera to act as a great deterrent to crime. It is also made out of solid metal and is able to withstand some impressive force.


The viewing angle on the camera is not as wide as it could be, and with no tilting or zooming options, the camera can feel a little limiting at times.

The heating capabilities on the Q-See QS2350C Weatherproof Color CCD Camera can also be a little difficult to use, and the instructions are not that helpful for getting it going.

Overall Impressions

The Q-See QS2350C Weatherproof Color CCD Camera actually appears underappreciated in the security camera industry. It is a solid camera all the way around, with an attractive design and a great deal of useful features. Even if your location does not need the heating device on the camera, it is still a good security camera that brings a great deal of value for the money, and will allow you to meet most all of your security needs. You can buy it online here.


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