Review of Logitech Wilife Digital Video Outdoor Security Cameras


Review of Logitech Wilife Digital Video Outdoor Security Cameras    

The Logitech WiLife Digital Video Security System is one of the most popular complete security/surveillance systems available (currently #1 in Amazon’s complete surveillance system category). The reason for this is fairly straight forward – though it comes with a spy camera rather than a security camera, it is able to set up easily, allow you to monitor your entire home or office from your computer, and it can be set up in less than 15 minutes. It even has email and cell phone alerts, which are rarely found on such an affordable security system.

Still, though the system itself is fairly strong, most people aren’t looking to use a hidden camera inside their own home. They are instead looking to use a security camera that is placed either inside or outside, and is designed to both let people know the place is secure and help catch people in the act. So Logitech created the Logitech WiLife Digital Video Security Outdoor Camera – a security camera that can be purchased separately in order to monitor your property the more standard/non spy way, using the original WiLife software.

Features of the Logitech WiLife Digital Video Security Outdoor Camera

·        Designed specifically to monitor outdoor settings.

·        Comes in a very sleek design that can deter intruders.

·        Has digital motion detection capabilities.

·        Cased to protect against water and extreme temperatures.

·        Wireless data transmission.

·        Works perfectly with the Logitech WiLife system.

·        Can provide you with motion activated email alerts.

·        Highly regarded remote viewing capabilities.


The Logitech WiLife Outdoor Camera works very well with the original WiLife system, which allows it to be easily set up – it can be completely installed in a matter of a couple of minutes. Since the system itself comes with remote viewing options, time/camera viewing modes (you can search for archived video from a specific date and time) and other valuable features, the camera can easily become a helpful addition to your security system.

The Logitech WiLife Outdoor Camera has an incredibly sleep look and has good weatherproofing for lasting against year round conditions. The quality of the video is quite good as well.


Many people that have used the Logitech WiLife Outdoor Camera report that the camera breaks down over about a year or two of use, sometimes sooner. Most noticeable is the difference between these cameras and the indoor models, where the indoor ones appear to work for longer, despite the outdoor cameras being designed for outdoor/weatherproof use. Though the quality of the camera features is considered extremely good, the reports of this type of camera failing are something to be concerned about.

It should also be noted that this is not a nightvision camera, so there are no infrared features or low light settings.

Overall Impressions

The Logitech WiLife Outdoor Camera is a tough camera to judge. Its quality and features are great. It is even effective at weatherproofing. But with so many reports of the cameras failing after one years, one must be wary before they make the purchase. It is also not a night vision camera, so it may not meet your needs. As long as you are aware that the camera may break down if reliability has not been fixed by the Logitech company, than you should be happy if you choose to purchase the camera. You can buy it online here.


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