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Reverse osmosis units for home remove a wide range of minerals and contaminants in drinking water. These units originate from a technology that was first used decades ago to desalinate sea water.

Today, this technology quite popular, as it is being used in industries and households. As a matter of fact, water bottling plants use reverse osmosis (ro) filters heavily.

Why Household Use RO Filters

We live in a time of rapid technological developments but with these advancements come risks. One of those risks, is the polluting of our water supplies by industries.

Sure, city water purification removes a lot of those contaminants from our tap water, but there are still hazards lurking in our tap water.

If you do a Google search for “Drugs in drinking water” or “Rocket fuel found in drinking water,” you’ll see that our tap water is not as safe as you think.

Installing reverse osmosis units for home can help to remove many of those contaminants that city purification missed. Many of those contaminants can potentially affect people’s health, especially those of children.

Cancer, liver and kidney problems are just a few of the conditions that ingesting drinking water contaminants could cause.

How Reverse Osmosis Units For Home Work

In a nutshell, ro filtration systems work on the basis of having water molecules being forced under professor through a semi-porous membrane with a very fine pore structure. After the water is initially filtered, it is sent into a storage tank where it is held until it is ready to be used.

The stuff that is filtered out of the water is diverted to a waste drain so that it does not clog up the system. This is one huge advantage to filters have over conventional filtering devices. It is also one of the reasons why reverse osmosis units for home perform optimally for quite some time.

After the filtered water makes it to the storage tank, but before it goes to the tap for use, the water is again passed through a filter, this time a charcoal filter. This is to remove any remaining synthetic chemicals that are smaller molecularly than water.

Though reverse osmosis units for the home are used in many areas, they are not particularly good for use in areas where bacteria removal is an issue. They are not considered purifiers because they have limited abilities to remove bacteria and viruses from the water supply.

For those who live in areas where bacteria and viruses are of major concern, using a purifier that can perform this function is recommended. An ultraviolet water purifier be used in conjunction with a ro filtration system to remove a much wider range of micro-organism.

What Reverse Osmosis Can Remove From the Water Supply

Here are a few of the following substances that ro systems can remove:

Arsenic, barium, cadmium, chromium, copper, cysts, turbidity, radium 226/228, lead, fluoride, and selenium. Reverse osmosis filters come with carbon pre-filters which remove chlorine.

In general, ro systems remove: organics – yes; inorganics – partially; micro-organisms – very limited; radioactivity – partially and heavy metals – partially.

Disadvantages of Reverse Osmosis Units for the Home

Reverse Osmosis systems move slower than the typical water filter, and tend to waste water when they are used. For every gallon of drinkable water created with the system, two gallons are wasted. Using the system may cause the water bill to go up, but as a counteractive point, the system does not use any electricity.

These systems also remove minerals from your tap water that could be healthy to the body. This is a point of controversy for many because there is the view that these minerals are not bio-available. In other words, the minerals from water are minimally beneficial tot he body.

Many experts believe that the minerals received from eating food is far more valuable to the body.

Get One Today

As the saying goes, “water is life.” Installing a reverse osmosis water filter in your home will give you the assurance that your tap water is the cleanest it can be.

Being in good health is the greatest gift anyone can possess. By drinking filtered tap water – you are giving your body, a major “tool” it uses to keep your body healthy.

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