Residential Small Wind Turbines


Looking for residential small wind turbines, we suggest you use the Sunforce Tower Kit Wind Turbine Model# 45455. The product is reasonably affordable only approximately $500 online the unit comes with a tower kit that is intended for use with a 600 W wind generator. Many people that are using this type of product appreciate the affordable price and power of the unit.

The Sunforce Tower Kit Wind Turbine Model# 45455 is supposed to withstand incredible amount of power from the wind. It comes with a five-year warranty which is limited due to the possibility of misuse of the front. The unit is very heavy and weighs over 65 pounds.

Sunforce residential small wind turbines are a great source of alternative energy for anyone that is looking to work with the environment. Most users agree that the product itself is extremely sturdy and is able to perform its job extremely well. Most users also find it easy to set up because the power is almost completely assembled upon delivery.

The increase in natural energy sources has made this a very popular product. It can be used in any location where individuals have enough space to set up the wind unit. When a person is first getting used to using this product they may be surprised at how much power it has.

There are other more powerful units but they are usually reserved for farms and other areas with extra amounts of space. Many beginners enjoy using this product because they are able to learn about wind energy with a guaranteed item that will produce a lot of energy while being very compact. The majority of users are very impressed with the amount of power that the smaller unit can provide.

It is a good idea to read all the instructions before using the Sunforce Tower Kit Wind Turbine Model# 45455. This will protect any users from injury associated with misuse of the product.

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