Replacing Braun Coffee Pot


Which Braun Coffee Carafe Fits Your Machine?


If you accidentally break the Braun coffee pot, you will most likely want to buy a new one.

In order to replace your Braun coffee carafe, you will need to look at the model of your coffeemaker. There are several types to choose from:

  • 10 Cup AromaDeluxe Coffee Pot
  • KFK500-BK Aroma Deluxe 10 Cup Replacement Carafes
  • KFK12FL FlavorSelect 12 Cup Carafe
  • 10 Cup FlavorSelect Coffee Carafe
  • 7050-7104 Cup Glass Carafe with lid
  • 10 and 4 Cup Kettle for Braun Aromaster Coffee Maker
  • Coffeemaker Metal Thermo Jar

They come in traditional white and black, and may also be available in a snazzy, shiny, silvery gray. You can purchase your brand new, glass Braun coffee pot replacement online or directly through Braun. They may also be available at local stores.

If you love the gourmet flavor of brewed espresso and have a Braun espresso machine, you may be in need of a new 4 cup espresso carafe. These jugs are convenient, as they come in a universal model to fit most other machines.

The small 4-cup carafe container fits Braun E20, E25, E40, E45, E600, and E650. The Original Part Number is EXP100, EXP-100. Make sure you look at the model of your coffeemaker so you can choose the correct espresso decanter.

The Advantage of Buying from Braun

Braun prides itself on having a high quality variety of coffee pots. The Coffeemaker Metal Thermo Jar is a unique carafe. It keeps the beverage hotter for a longer period of time, which java drinkers know preserves the true taste of the drink. While some of these branded beverage makers have a warmer on the surface, this Braun accessory will keep it warmer even longer than the original glass carafes used to.

The various types of Braun coffee replacement pots, or carafes, are able to fit an assortment of models. There are the traditional glass pots or the stainless steel pots for a shiny, modern, and sleek look.

More benefits: the coffee carafe comes in white, gray, or black and a variety of sizes; 4 cup, 10 cup, or 12 cup. They are dishwasher safe and easy to clean and the lids are removable for added convenience. The glass stays nice and shiny for quite some time, as well and it will stay looking new for a long period of time if cleaned regularly.

Disadvantages of Braun Carafes

The FlavorSelect models are also distinctive in that they only fit the FlavorSelect machines. These are the models with the built in water filter. However, some critiques of the Flavor Select type mention that the glass is fragile, and therefore thinner and easier to break. The price is very reasonable, but many do not want to have to keep buying replacements when they break.

Some also say that the Thermal Carafe is harder to clean, as the filter that is built into the carafe lid cannot be cleaned easily. So, although it does heat well and keep the coffee warm, the filter can pose as a hindrance.

Final thoughts

If you are in need of new Braun coffee pots, you need to look at the model number on your current device and see what is available, either online or by calling the company directly.

This company has exceptional customer service, and paired with the fact that this brand of coffee accessories are very affordable, buying a Braun coffee pot replacement part is quite the easy task to accomplish. When replacing your jug, choosing a different color lid or type of pot will make your actual coffeemaker look new again. It is an easy way to improve the appearance of your coffee machine with inexpensive parts!Sponsored Links

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