Replacing A Reciprocating Saw Blade


Replacing A Reciprocating Saw Blade

A reciprocating saw is a special type of saw that is used for cutting through substances by pushing and pulling the blade into the substance such as wood. Due to the motion of the moving blades, the threads of the blade get damaged and therefore need replacement. The replacement of the moving blades entails a simple process which can be done by the saw user. One does not require any set of tools in order to replace the blades. However before starting the replacement procedure, there are some safety measures that should be observed. First, ensure that the saw is not running. Touching the blade when the saw is running can be very risky as the hand can be chopped off. The battery should then be disconnected from the saw to prevent the saw from restarting while disconnecting the blade.

After the saw has been switched off, it should then be held against the body while at the same time ensuring that the blade is facing away from the user. This prevents possible cuts that might be endured due to the interference with the blade. The user should then locate the large locking collar ring and then pull the ring I the direction of the saw and the body. The locking ring should then loosen up and the blade should fall off. The blade pops out of it socket due to the effect of the compression spring in the ring. While pulling the collar ring, one has to ensure that they are turning in an anti-clockwise direction.

The user should then pick the new blade that is to be fitted in the saw such that it is carefully held in the hand. The new blade should then be fitted back to the same position as the initial blade. While purchasing the replacing blade the user should ensure that the blade is of exact type and model as that of the damaged blade. This is because blades are of different sizes and hence a different type and size of the blade will not fit in the blade socket of the saw. After the blade has been accurately fitted in the saw, the locking ring should then be inserted back by turning it in a clockwise direction. The locking ring should be fitted well as it ensures that the blade does not fall off while using the saw. The battery of the saw should then be installed back to the saw.


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