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Healthy Spring Water Quality Water In Your Home

Refrigerator water filters play a pivotal role in ensuring that the drinking water you and your family consumes is great tasting, health boosting and safe.

If you have a modern refrigerator that is equipped with an ice-maker and a water-through-the door dispenser, then this filter should already be built-in by the manufacturer.

However, the in-line refrigerator filters that are sold separately tend to be of higher quality than the ones that come built-in.

Refrigerator filters are necessary to remove the contaminants present in your tap water because it is tap water that is used to make the ice an cold water that is dispensed from your refrigerator.

Isn’t Water Quality In North America Good?

Whilst the quality of tap water in the United States and Canada is amongst the best in the world, there have been some serious cases over the years of the water quality being compromised.

Some of these incidents have led to fatalities.

And even more frightening is the number of chemicals and drugs found in your drinking water.

A Ralph Nader study group found that there are around 2100 carcinogenic chemicals in drinking water.

Similarly, a 2007 Associated Press investigation found that a wide array of pharmaceutical drugs were found in the drinking water of 41 million Americans.

Unfortunately, municipal water treatment systems are unable to remove all those contaminants from your tap water. Therefore, as you drink water from your tap or refrigerator over time, you are increasing your intake of cancer-causing agents and the likelihood of getting cancer.

To correct this problem, you need a household water filter attached to either your faucet or refrigerator, that will remove these dangerous contaminants and make your water healthier and safer.

Refrigerator Water Filters – The Solution

If you have a refrigerator that automatically dispenses ice and water then having a refrigerator filter installed could literally save your life. These type of devices typically filter in multiple stages.

The first stage removes dirt, the second chlorine and its byproducts and the other stages uses carbon filtration to remove lead and other cancer-causing chemical contaminants. The end result is pure, great tasting water.

Fortunately, you won’t have to pay an arm and a leg to get these benefits. These top in-line refrigerator filters cost between $40-$100, filters up to a whopping 6000 gallons and can be easily installed on virtually any brand refrigerator.

Those refrigerator filters can also be installed on water fountains, water coolers and coffee makers.

Refrigerator water filters can save you a bundle too. They reduce the minerals in your water that can cause limescale buildup and damage within your refrigerator’s parts. This helps to minimize your refrigerator’s maintenance costs and prolong its life.

Another benefit of refrigerator water filters is that they are point-of-use filters. This means that they filter your tap water after it passes through your plumbing and not before.

As water passes through your home plumbing, it can pick up additional contaminants such as lead. Filtering the water at the point of use, ensures that the maximum amount of contaminants are filtered out prior to consumption.

Combining Whole House & Refrigerator Filters

The life span of refrigerator water filters depends on the amount of contaminants in the water.

In order to maintain the great taste and cleanliness of your drinking water, you will need to replace your refrigerator water filters according to your manufacturer’s guidelines.

Old filters are dirty, corrode the fittings and leak. The end result is contaminated drinking water in your glass.

Some households use a whole house water filtration system in combination with a refrigerator filter. Whole house filters are very powerful and can provided filtered water to every outlet throughout your entire home, like your dishwasher, shower, washing machine and of course, refrigerator.

Therefore, prior to your refrigerator dispensing your drinking water, that water would have been filtered twice; the first time as the water is pre-filtered by the whole house filter and the second time as it passes though the refrigerator water filter.

Have pre-filtered water flowing through your refrigerator filter vastly improves the quality and taste of your drinking water. It also prolongs the life of the refrigerator filter because the volume of contaminants and sediments flowing through it would have been reduced.

Whole house water purifiers are also a popular choice amongst consumers because they eliminate the cost and need of having and maintaining water filters for every faucet throughout your home.

Don’t Cut Corners With Your Health

There is a popular saying – “water is life.” Therefore, you must make sure that you are getting not only adequate amounts of it, but also ensure that its quality is first rate.

Refrigerator filters are inexpensive, easy to install and provide healthy drinking water for you and your family.

In a world that is so focused on the short-term benefit of getting the latest cars, computers games or gadgets, getting these filters is one decision that will positively impact your family’s health forever.

For quality filters such as Culligan, GE, Kitchenaid, LG, Maytag or Whirlpool, check out these refrigerator filters.

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