Red Copper Square Fry Pan Reviews


Red Copper Square Pan Review

Any home cook will tell you that the most used piece of cookware in their kitchen is the humble pan. Frying is one of the easiest cooking styles, making it possible for us to cook delicious, homemade meals in just a short amount of time. So there’s no wondering why these kitchen staples are often subject to the most wear and tear.

Because they’re so used and often even abused, frying pans are replaced more times in a year than any other cookware. That said, you may want to make sure that the next frying pan you buy will last you much longer so you can save up in the long run. Wondering which option will give you the best bang for your buck?

According to consumer reviews, the Red Copper Square Pan is a worthy contender if you’re in the market for the best frying pan there is. But does it meet your own personal standards? Find out with our comprehensive review.

More About the Brand

The Red Copper brand was developed and advertised by Cathy Mitchell – renowned chef and TV personality. The brand was made in response to the typical complaints of cooks who struggled with the clean up process that follows the use of typical pans. To ease that task, the Red Copper brand uses a unique combination of reinforced copper and ceramic, topped with a coating of non-stick material to ensure that your ingredients don’t stick to the pan.

Red Copper has released countless designs of cookware, but their square pan has gained the most positive response from buyers because it steps up the usual design for frying pans, making it an indispensible essential for any kitchen.

The Red Copper Square Fry Pan

Measuring 9 ½ inches, the Square Fry Pan from Red Copper has a large enough surface area to cook a full meal all in one go. With a durable riveted handle, and a high quality non-stick coating, the Red Copper pan is a dream-come-true if you’re looking for a worthy replacement for your frying pan.

For safe handling and usage, the pan comes fitted with a riveted stainless steel handle that doesn’t conduct heat so you can hold on to your pan straight from the oven minus the need for an oven mit or hand towel. It pays to note however that despite this claim from the manufacturer, the pan’s handle can get relatively warm according to some users. So it still may be necessary to use some protection when handling the pan after use.

Finally, the Red Copper Square Fry Pan also makes it easy to clean up. The non-stick surface allows ingredients to easily slide off the cooking surface so you can cook food easily and clean up the pan with less effort. This allows you to bypass the soaking and scrubbing that people usually do after using pans because of residual ingredients left clinging to the cooking surface.

Pros of the Red Copper Square Fry Pan

  • Large cooking surface can accommodate the size of 4 sunny side up eggs or 4 slices of bread, so you can prepare more food in one go.
  • Non-stick surface is highly effective at preventing all types of ingredients and food residue from sticking to the cooking surface.
  • Easy clean up reduces the amount of time and effort you spend trying to get your pan spotless after use. This also prevents any damage you might inflict on the pan due to scrubbing.
  • Square shape allows you to cook a wider variety of ingredients like whole chickens without worrying about having enough space on your pan.
  • Red exterior makes it a great decorative piece to add to your kitchen.

Cons of the Red Copper Square Fry Pan

  • Doesn’t come with a tempered glass lid.
  • Riveted stainless steel handle may conduct some heat during use.
  • The non-stick coating is not impervious to damage, so you may still need to take care and caution when using the pan to avoid damaging the coating.


Sure, the Red Copper Square Fry Pan isn’t perfect. But it comes pretty close. Offering a variety of features that help make both cooking and cleaning up a breeze, this pan can be the perfect fit for your kitchen – especially if you’re looking for a long term frying companion that you can rely on for many years to come.

The square shape makes it much more versatile and efficient compared to a lot of other frying pans on the market, and the non-stick coat is definitely much more effective than the typical Teflon you see on other pans.

While there are some design flaws that can be improved on (such as the handle and the durability of the non-stick coating), they’re not technically deal breakers. So be sure to check out this worthy kitchen investment to find out just how it may be able to soothe your culinary woes.


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