Red Copper Pan Reviews


Red Copper Pan Review: Trouble free, fast and efficient cooking

Red copper pan is an As Seen on TV product marketed by Bulbhead, a part of Telebrands.  Telebrands has been in the direct response industry for over three decades and has an impressive lineup of products including Stone Wave, Windshield Wonder, Greenic Cookware, Pocket Hose and more. All its products are aimed to solving day to day problems faced by customers.  Red Copper Pan is one such product from Telebrands that aims at making cooking a simple, hassle free and enjoyable task.

Endorsed by Cathy Mitchell, the renowned author, Red Copper Pan is a premium product that combines nonstick ceramic with ultra-strong copper to give a durable and safe cookware.

The pan is ideal for making all kinds of dishes including caramelizing sugar, pasta, baking bread and much more. It is designed to withstand any type of cooking and still remain scratch free.  And Red copper pan is available as square pan, square dance and a set of pans of various sizes including fry pans, sauce pans and aluminum steamer.

Boasting of a nonstick coating that is free of PTFE and PFOA, and high quality design that is dishwasher safe, does copper pan measure up when compared to other similar products in the market?

Here is a comprehensive review of red copper pan that includes the various versions of the product available in the market now such as

  1. Red Copper Pan
  2. Red Copper Square Pan
  3. Red Copper Square Dance
  4. Red copper pan set
  5. Red Copper Pan

​Red copper pan is a ceramic pan with red copper for added strength. The ceramic copper mix makes the pan ideal for cooking at high temperatures without any hassles that you experience in other competitive copper pans.

Here are exclusive features of red copper pan:

Impressive design

Red Copper pan design is sleek and it is made with good ergonomics. It can add an elegant look to any kitchen it graces.

Safety features

The pan is very safe to use, as it is made of high quality copper and ceramic. The nonstick covering in the pan is free of any harmful chemicals such as PTFE and PFOA, so you can safely use it for cooking foods at high temperature without worrying about the coating peeling off and contaminating the food.

Convenient to use

With nonstick ceramic and premium copper materials used in the design of the pan, red copper pan makes it easy to cook healthy foods. You need not use too much grease, butter or other unhealthy additions that you normally use to cook food to avoid it from sticking to the pan.

Easy clean design

The ceramic covering is not only easy to cook but also makes clean up a breeze. You need not resort to scraping the pan to get the residual food off, as the nonstick design allows very little food to adhere to the pan. With its dishwasher safe feature, you can easily have it squeaky clean. Even if food adheres to the pan, a few minutes of hot water soaking would clean it up easily.

Dimensions and weight

The multi-functional red copper pan is sufficiently large for preparing food for the whole family with dimensions that include 2 x 10 x 17.3 inches. It weighs about 1.5 pounds without the wooden handle.


  • Nonstick coating
  • Easy to clean
  • Safe to use in dishwasher
  • Does not contain any harmful synthetic chemicals


  • In spite of its sturdy quality, it needs to be handled with care due to the ridged bottom.
  • Certain foods do stick to the pan
  • Heavy to handle
  • Does not work on induction stoves

Red copper pan deluxe

The Red Copper Pan is an excellent fry pan that makes cooking easy for you. The deluxe model is even more convenient with its additional handle. You can easily deal with the pan, when you are cooking complex recipes that involve baking and frying.

The nonstick coating is of high quality letting you cook without any butter or oil. The copper ceramic pan does not contain any harmful polymers or acids making way for safe preparation of nontoxic food. Since such harmful chemicals pollute the air too, you can stop worrying about the pan polluting the air during cooking.

Both the copper fry pan models are safe to be heated up to a high temperature of 500 degrees safely. However the pan is not appropriate for use on flat or ceramic stove tops. Even if the nonstick coating is good, food tend to stick sometimes and coating is also not as long lasting as the manufacture promises.

  1. Red Copper Square Pan

The red copper square pan from Bulbhead is available as a set of five pieces including a tray for steaming and roasting, frying basket, vented glass lid and Cathy Mitchell’s recipe guide.  Here are some of the outstanding features of the red copper square pan.

Material quality

The red copper square pan is made of red copper of top notch quality and ceramic nonstick coating enabling you to cook at high temperatures without any worries about the coating peeling off or emitting toxic chemicals.  The ceramic coating keeps food from sticking to the bottom and sides of the pan irrespective of the type of food you make. The handle of the pan is made of superior quality steel. The placement of the handle is convenient to grip the pan firmly. But it heats up quickly, when you use the pan in the oven.

Dimensions and weight

The red copper square pan is designed with a square shape that allows more space for cooking and provides high usability. The pan’s dimension includes length of 19.4 inches, width of 10.5 inches and depth of 6 inches. The pan is heavy, weighing about 4.8 pounds.

Efficient cooking

The multi-piece copper square pan set helps you to cook a variety of dishes effortlessly. The frying basket and glass lid serve as perfect aids to cook different types of foods including deep frying, baking bread, cooking pasta and roasting meat. The nonstick coating makes it easy to clean the pan and use it multiple times, saving you plenty of effort and time. Cathy Mitchell’s recipe guide helps expand your culinary abilities and get more out of the copper square pan than you would normally.


  • Nonstick coating is good
  • The pan is scratch resistant
  • The five piece set helps to cook different types of food easily
  • Easy to clean
  • Two handles make it easy to cook complex meals


  • Pan is heavy particularly when it is fully loaded with ingredients
  • Scratch resistant feature does not last long.
  • Many bad quality replicas available in the market making it difficult to identify the genuine product

Red copper square pan is very beneficial for cooking all types of food and in large quantities due to its large dimensions and square shape induced increased space.  The oven safe pan is versatile in function letting you cook any type of food from deep frying to baking bread.

With good nonstick and scratch resistant features, it is easy to cook and clean. Except for minor hitches such as being heavy, the square pan, available as a set consisting of 5 pieces, is a great option to consider, if you are looking to buy copper cookware with nonstick feature.

  1. Red Copper Square Dance

Red copper pan is an ideal gift for your friends or relatives who like to cook and understand the value of quality cookware. The red copper square dance is one such product that is made from premium quality materials and innovative technologies. The cookware offers so many uses that it becomes indispensable to your daily cooking routine. Here are some of the outstanding features of square dance red copper pan.

Additional space

When compared to the normal red copper pan, the square dance offers more cooking space (nearly 25% more) enabling you to cook larger amount of meals in a very short span.

Easy and fast cleanup

The nonstick coating constructed from ceramic and top quality copper helps you to cook food faster and with very little hassles like food sticking to the pan bottom and sides making it difficult to scrape off. The smooth and high quality coating ensures you not only cook fast but also avoid a laborious clean up after cooking.

Lightweight and oven safe

You can use the red copper square dance to cook food at temperatures as high as 500 degrees Fahrenheit. The pan is robust and light in weight. With premium quality coating being added to the pan it does not chip, peel or scratch easily and is robust. You can cook food with very little butter, grease or oil added ensuring the food is healthy and free of harmful ingredients that other run of the mill nonstick coatings emit.

Safe to use

Red copper square dance pan is free of PTFE and PFOA and is fully oven safe. You can use it safely on any type of stove surface including ceramic, electric, induction and gas. The riveted handle provides safe handling feature.

Dimensions and weight

The square dance red copper pan is much bigger than the models that are round in shape. Its dimensions include 9.5 X 9.3 X1.7 inches. The greater depth provides sufficient space, so you can easily dish up meals for two persons without any inconvenience. The pan weighs 1.7 pounds.


  • Its nonstick coating is of superior quality and lasts for a longer time
  • It is easy to clean
  • The pan is multifunctional allowing you to do any type of cooking including frying, baking, flambéing and even desserts.
  • The pan has good scratch resistant feature.
  • The pan does not contain any toxic materials
  • It can be used in dishwasher safely


  • It is too heavy particularly with food in it
  • Does not have a lid
  • It is not as large as seen in the advertisement.

With red copper square dance, you get to have an amazing cookware with ultra-smooth ceramic and cupper infuse surface free of PTFE and PFOA. The unique finish does not let food stick to it and it is also scratch-free, so you can even use metal utensils without any worries. And with copper providing fast heating of the pan and smooth ceramic coating, cooked food just dances off the pan, hence the name square dance.

The induction plate fitted on the undersurface enables cooking on induction stove top and helps in even heating without any specific hotspots. Other than minor hitches such as absence of lid and recipe book as is provided with the red copper square pan set, the square dance is a good choice for tasty, quick and hassle free meal preparation.

  1. Red copper pan set

The red copper pan set of 10 pieces is manufactured by BulbHead Company reputed for its top quality product collection including ceramic cookware. Promoted by veteran cooking expert Cathy Mitchell, the red copper pan set includes a small frying pan, a small sauce pan without lid and two larger saucepans with lids, a larger sized frying pan and steamer insert. The product is offered with lifetime guarantee.  Here are the important features of the copper pan set:

Dimensions and weight

The two frying pans are of 8 inches and 10 inches, the sauce pan is of 1.5 quart, while the larger sized sauce pans with lids are of 2.5 quartz and 6 quart. The entire copper pan set has dimensions that include 23.9 x 12 x 9.2 inches. The package weighs 16.9 pounds.

Nonstick coating of ceramic

Red copper pan set’s popularity is mainly due to its superior quality ceramic nonstick coating. You can cook in any of the cookware without adding butter, grease or oil, as food doesn’t stick to the pan. With the resilient coating, any worries you have about the coating being damaged is eliminated.

Clean up is easy

Cleanup after cooking is always a cumbersome job, especially if food chars or sticks stubbornly to the bottom of the cookware. All pieces of red copper pan set are nonstick coated making cleanup a breeze. With the dishwasher safe feature, the pans can be popped into the dishwasher too.


The red copper pans are very light in weight, in spite of their robust copper and ceramic coating. The light weight feature makes it easy to handle the pans while cooking.

Nontoxic and heat efficient material

In contrast to the non-stick pans that are commonly seen in the market, red copper pan does not contain any toxic PTFE or PFOA chemicals, so you can prepare healthier food. The oven safe feature makes it easy to cook recipes that require being in the oven for a span. The pans can withstand heat up to 500 degrees. So making pastries, bread, fish, meat and other such meals are easy. Since base material is made of aluminum with copper covering, it heats up quickly. However it is not suitable for induction stoves. Convection oven and gas stovetops are ideal for the red copper cookware.


  • Multifunctional cookware
  • Is safe for use in oven
  • Resilient and strong cookware
  • Cleanup is easy
  • Guaranteed lifetime replacement


  • Cannot be used on induction stovetop
  • Food sticks a bit to the pan, hence you may need to grease it with some oil before you start cooking

The red copper ceramic non-stick cookware is made of super strong copper and top quality ceramic. The material is light in weight and is strongly resistant to peeling, chipping and scratching. The various cookware pieces can be used for all types of cooking, meeting with your every cooking need from making flambé desserts to baking the perfect chicken parmesan. The cookware set is versatile, easy to cook and clean, and most importantly safe. Other than minor drawbacks such as inability to use on induction top, the cookware set is an ideal kitchen aid you should not miss out on.

Manufacturer information and warranty

Red copper pan is one of the products marketed by Bulbhead a division of Telebrands, which is based in Dayton, New Jersey. The company’s products are aimed at providing innovative and useful solutions for everyday problems people face.

The red copper pan comes with a money back guarantee of 30 days which does not include the shipping and handling charges.  The red copper pan set of 10 pieces comes with a lifetime replacement assurance. For any queries regarding the product or for voicing your complaints, the customer service can be reached at the toll free number: 800-887-2717

Customer reviews

Red Copper Pan from Bulbhead is a popular product that provides a beneficial solution to many of your cooking issues.

Most of the customers who purchased one of the red copper pan products mentioned above were happy with the non- stick ceramic coating. They found it easy to cook the different types of foods as in the advertisement.

The oven safe feature that allows heating up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit and the nonstick coating free of PTFE and PFOA are other features of the product that users found very beneficial.

The aesthetically pleasing appearance, ergonomic design and convenience oriented features are some of the high points that many of the users mention about the product.

Some of the users are not happy with fact that it is not made entirely of copper. The red copper pan is not similar to the conventional copper pan available in the market.

The bottom of the pan when looked at closely would show that it is not made of copper.  This may be the reason why the product is claimed to be as dishwasher safe, as pans made of copper are generally not suitable for cleaning using dishwasher.

The product page does not offer any additional information other than the queries on billing and shipping. For instance, it does not give any details regarding the type of coating used. And a few users have complained that the nonstick surface does not work well.  While cooking eggs, the high heat burnt the eggs and it was also difficult to clean the pan afterwards.

The nonstick should be used with care and always be heated over a low flame to ensure longevity of the non-stick coating. Also dousing the pan in water, immediately after removing it from the burner can damage the ceramic coating.  Keeping other pans over the red copper pan can damage the coating too.

How red copper pan compares to its competitors Copper Chef and Gotham Steel pans

After reading the customer reviews, you will want to know about other available options. Copper Chef Pan and Gotham Steel Pan are similar products, but there are certain differences:

Pan design of Gotham steel Vs. Red copper Vs. Copper Chef

The two pans are identical in appearance but the material used and structures are different.

Gotham Steel Pan has titanium and ceramic as the main constituents. The absorption and spreading of temperature and consistence of Titanium is different from copper. Copper is the superior material when it comes to heat distribution and absorption, so it is best for cooking food evenly and in a better way.

Copper chef has cerami tech, which provides thicker and denser pan walls that withstand high temperatures up to 800 degrees Fahrenheit without the pan being damaged. The nonstick coating is similar to the other two, but its life span is longer than that of Gotham Steel pans, while it is shorter when compared to red copper pan.


Most customer reviews on Gotham Steel indicate the performance of the product is not as good as red copper pan. The heating feature is not consistent as in red copper pan. The binding molecules in Titanium and chemical reaction to heat exposure does not make it ideal for quick and even heating. Copper Chef has better heat withstanding capacity than the other two products.


While Gotham Steel is endorsed by Daniel Green the reputed chef, Red copper product is backed by popular author Cathy Mitchell. Copper Chef is endorsed by Eric Theiss, the well acclaimed culinary expert and chef.

The Bottom Line

With its toxin free nonstick coating and top quality copper, the red copper pan is certainly a good cookware to have in the kitchen. If you have a liberal hand with grease, oil or butter in your cooking, the pan will help you cook with fewer amounts making the food healthier.

However due to the concern regarding the exact layer of copper and ceramic added in the pan and the lack of adequate information the product should be considered with a grain of salt.

Moreover the number of negative reviews for the product should be borne in mind while shopping for a copper pan. Further, you should also take into account that Telebrands and its offshoot Bulbhead have received mixed reviews regarding the quality of the products they market and more importantly the customer service.

When you are able to get a similar product locally, but of better quality and price than the red copper pan, it makes sense to choose a retailer in your own locality instead of paying additionally for shipping and handling. Ensure you get the right return for the money you are investing in the copper pan before you decide on the right product.




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