Recumbent Exercise Bike vs Treadmill


What should I choose as home exercise equipment: a recumbent exercise bike or a treadmill? Without any doubts, both home fitness equipments have their own advantages. Both equipments might include preset programs, allowing you to choose the intensity and difficulty level of the workouts. There are bike that are equipped with monitors and cycling games. Generally, recumbent bikes have more functions and features compared to treadmills.

Exercise bike offer low-impact exercises, while a treadmill offers high-impact workouts. Recumbent bikes are perfect for people with knee and joint problems and for those who have back issues. The reclining design and seating of a recumbent bike offers higher comfort than the treadmill’s hands down.

With a treadmill you will have to fight with boredom as well. From this point of view, it is more fun to workout using a recumbent exercise bike. Thus, in the case of a recumbent bike your money is better spent and you’ll have higher chances to achieve your fitness goals.

In terms of calorie burning, the treadmill is apparently the winner. According to studies conducted by a fitness company, people burn more calories when they use treadmills and ski exercisers.

One hour exercise on a treadmill burns 750 calories, while a workout on a stationary recumbent bike burns 550 calories. Still, it is not always the best idea to purchase the one that burns more calories. The answer is simple: it is very unlikely that you will remain committed to fitness equipment that helps you burn more calories, but which is rather uncomfortable and without fun. It is preferable to choose a recumbent exercise bike, because even if it burns fewer calories, it is used a lot more often. A treadmill will eventually become difficult to use and rather boring as well, despite the fact that it burns more calories.

Also, it is unlikely that you will spend at least an hour per day to exercise on a treadmill. It is more fun and cheaper if you simply take a walk outside. On the other hand, while you exercise on a recumbent bike, time goes by rather easy and fast.

Furthermore, if you use a recumbent bike more often as a treadmill, eventually you will burn calories with the bike as compared to the treadmill. Still, it is up to you which one you choose, the recumbent stationary bike or the treadmill.

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