Realistic Cost Of Setting Up A Full-House Powered Solar Panel System


With prices for energy rising these days, including electricity, many people are choosing to live off the grid by either hiring professional solar power system installers or building a solar panel network of their own. USA today reported that 180,000 families are currently living off the in the U.S. alone (as of 2006) and that figure is projected to increase at a rate of 33% per year. If you’re thinking of installing a solar power system for your home, then you would be joining a growing number of energy independent people that enjoy more economic and electrical freedom. With greater advances in renewable technology, anyone can go off the grid these days.

Depending on your physical house size, you will likely need to install more than one solar panel to power up the entire house, therefore hiring professionals to install a solar power system can be extremely expensive. Many installers charge as little as $2000 upwards to $15000 or more depending on how much power you require.

Getting Off The Grid By Installing Homemade Solar Power Systems

An alternative option is to install your own homemade solar power network. Solar panels in recent years have become cheaper and more efficient to produce, which explains its rapidly growing popularity. Building a renewable energy source all by yourself will not only save you tons of money from electric company bills, but you save on hiring professionals to do the work for you. As stated elsewhere in this website, building your own solar panel would not cost more than $200 if done correctly and following a specific pattern for placing your energy cells.

The big drawback to solar panels however, is that during winter, there will be days that the sun will not be out due to poor weather, hence you may run into power shortages for your home. You will definitely need quite a few storage batteries to wait out the cloudy days until the sun can come back out and replenish your power reserves. In addition, switch your lighting from incandescent light bulbs to fluorescent (non-eye harming ones) and that will immediately reduce energy consumption in your house. The wattage on incandescents are notoriously high and power-hungry.

Getting off the grid is a lot easier these days and it will pay huge dividends in the long run in terms of energy savings. If you’re thinking of installing your own off grid electrical system, then read a solid DIY guide that will teach you step-by-step how to install a home solar power system / wind farm of your own. As stated before, there is a growing trend of motivated homeowners eager to implement renewable energy technologies to power their homes. Going or living green does not have to be expensive and I’m sure everyone wants to start saving money on electric bills and start living off the grid.


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