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Rapid Lash is an eyelash enhancing product out in the market today that claims to improve and increase the length of your lashes. Not only that, it also makes the eyelashes or eyebrows darker, smoother, and more curlier than ever before so that you’ll look like a celebrity in no time. Although it does have its merits, an in-depth review also reveals some of its more common flaws. This article highlights the pros and cons so that you can determine for yourself whether it’s right for you or not.

How Rapid Lash Works

Rapid Lash is a specially formulated substance which comes in a tube and brush. You dip the brush into the tube and spread it all across your eyelashes. It also supposedly works on thin eyebrows too, so you can cover those areas as well if you like. After 4 weeks, the number and thickness of your eyelash or eyebrow hair would be supposedly significantly greater than what you started out with. With continued use, it is said to give you those ideal lashes soon.


Rapid Lash certainly has a large number of fans out there, and it’s mainly because of the following reasons:

  1. The product enhances not only eyelashes but also eyebrows. It also works on both lower and upper eyelashes. Not only that, men can use it if they so choose.
  2. It has been clinically tested and reveals some positive growth within a month or so.
  3. The product can be applied easily.
  4. The formula is transparent, which means that you won’t be self-conscious on people finding out that you use an eyelash enhancer.
  5. It comes at a reasonably good price of about $49.95. The tube lasts for about 1 to 2 months.

The following client testimonials were taken at public forums and the like. They speak of actual experiences with the product.


Just like there are advantages, some drawbacks have also been uncovered in my research. The following disadvantages were reported by customers:

  1. There seems to be a percentage of the population that experiences darkening of the skin near the lashes where the formula was applied. Rapid Lash claims that their product does not darken skin, but nonetheless reports on their main website that some people do experience this.
  2. Falling eyelashes. Similar to the above, this untoward effect is probably suffered by just a small percentage of the population. A certain reaction is developed by some people to the formula which results in eyelashes falling out.
  3. Irritation from wearing contacts. The company claims that contacts can be worn when applying it, but personal experience seems to indicate otherwise.

Overall, the harmful side effects aren’t the norm, but take note that some of you might experience it when using it.

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