What Is Considered A Quiet Portable Generator?


The real quiet portable generators are not easily available. A generator is a heavy piece of equipment, so naturally while working, it makes noise. The sound level of generators, for that matter anything, is measured in terms of decibels. The louder the sound, higher will be the decibel level.

Over time, as technology has improved, so the generators also have become quieter than before. But some models are quieter than others. To find such a generator, quite enough to enable you to have a conversation with others while standing close, is possible when you know the related technicalities.

Let us discuss some of these.

What are “quiet portable generators”

A portable generator will be termed as quiet when the sound level at 1 m distance is within 70 Decibels. To understand what 70 decibel sound level represents, it will be interesting to know that in a typical working office sound level is about 40 decibels, and an AC makes the sound of about 60 decibels. So, a level of 70 dB is really quiet for a heavy equipment like a portable generator.

How to reduce the Sound Output

If you already have a portable generator installed, then you can reduce the sound levels substantially by little effort.

The operating location of the generator can be located in a far off place, provided it does not become a nuisance to others. Also, it may need the use of large gauge wire to minimize the voltage drop and line loss due to large length of wire.

Noise in the generator is produced by engine block and exhaust system. There is little you can do to reduce the sound from the block, but the sound level can be reduced drastically by modifying the exhaust system. The changes like removing the bends from the exhaust pipe, installing a bigger muffler, or installing a vertical exhaust pipe can reduce the sound level substantially.

Another effective method to reduce generator noise is to build a sound proof enclosure around the machine. You can also install a sound shield between the generator and the house to deflect the sound away from the house. While installing the sound enclosure, follow proper safety norms like providing proper ventilation and air circulation. Otherwise, there is a strong possibility of heat and carbon monoxide buildup in the enclosure, which is a quite dangerous situation. It is advisable to get the enclosure designed and installed by professional and experienced agency.

If the sound level is not brought down to the desired level, even after following all the above suggestions, then replacing the existing generator with state of the art quiet portable generator is advisable.



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