Quiet Diesel Generators Reduce Noise Pollution


There are many times when a generator is needed in life these days. One may be camping out and want some of the comforts of home. One may have an RV that requires power to operate interior lights and air conditioning when the engine is not running.

Or, one may have a freezer full of food that will spoil if allowed to thaw and there is no power coming in from the local electric company due to a downed line somewhere. At these times, it is important to remember that quiet diesel generators reduce noise pollution.

If you have ever worked with generators much, you know that gas powered generators are loud. Even with mufflers attached, the gas powered engines produce a lot of noise when they operate. Diesel engines, on the other hand, are generally more powerful at lower rpms than an equivalent gas engine. This makes them less noisy inherently. Then there is the factor of better mufflers for diesel engines that make them run very quietly compared to a gas powered engine.

The overall effect of changing from a gasoline powered generator to a quiet diesel generator is an immediate reduction in the noise pollution levels in the area where the generator is in use. If one is camping in a public campground, this can make the difference between being allowed to use your generator at night and being forced to turn it completely off to avoid disturbing other campers in neighboring sites.

Quiet diesel generators are available from many different manufacturers and configured for many different uses. Anytime a generator is needed, a diesel generator will normally be much less noisy than an equivalent gas powered generator due to the differences in power ratings between gas and diesel engines. Then one can take the differences in mufflers into account and see that a quiet diesel generator will produce much less noise pollution.

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