Quiet Camp Generator Alton AT04143PM


When you need a quiet camp generator that you can easily take with you an Alton AT04143PM 1850 Watt 79.5cc 4-Stroke Portable Enclosed Generator may be perfect for you.

There are so many times when what you need is a small amount of power but getting out the big generator is not practical.

Times when all you need is to perform a quick task but do not want the hassle or expense of running a larger heavy duty engine. If you have these needs think of the Alton portable.

This is the perfect unit for those small tasks. The generator is gasoline powered like many of the products home consumers use. Since the consumer already has fuel storage tanks incorporating this machine into their available arsenal of portable power is easy. Having multiple portable power options makes it easier to choose the right machine for the job. Alton products are headquartered in Illinois and manufactured in China.

This quiet camp generator has many nice features. It has a air cooled engine. The 4 stroke power house is 2.4HP and has one 120v and one 12v DC power outlet.

It will run for approximately six and one half hours at a fifty percent load. It has a recoil start and will shut off automatically if it becomes overloaded. Its small and durable making it perfect to take with you hunting, camping or even to a tailgate party.

The uses are unlimited. Take this camping or hunting and you can run a light or even a small electric heater. This is a really nice luxury on those cold predawn mornings when you are trying to prepare to go hunting or fishing while camping. Its also nice when having an outdoor gathering in a remote location to be able to run a light or fan. You are going to be surprised how quickly you become unwilling to go anywhere without this tool in the truck. The wheel kit offers even greater portability and usability.

So before you take off on your next outdoor adventure consider taking a portable generator like the Alton with you. It is so easy to pack and use that you will be amazed how you did without one for so long. You will have the most coveted spot around.

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