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There are more cheaper and more environmentally friendly alternatives to using bottled water.

Despite these alternatives, buying bottled drinking water remains very popular because of its convenience and perception of being cleaner than tap water.

In reality, you must be careful that you are buying high quality bottled water.

A highly rated study by the NRDC entitled, Bottle Water: Pure Drink or Pure Hype, revealed that some 25% of bottle drinking water is really bottled tap water – sometimes with little additional treatment, sometimes not.

When you buy bottle water, better to go with spring water or purified water.

Spring water has a huge following because it is a natural product. Before bottling it is filtered and ozonated.

Purified water is municipal (tap) water that has been filtered, dechlorinated, softened (and sometimes demineralized by reverse osmosis).

It is then filtered again and ozonated.

Ultraviolet sanitation (UV) is often used at the front and end of the process, in order to kill bacteria.

There are some products labeled �Drinking Water� that don’t go through the levels of filtration that spring and purified water go through. Avoid these if possible and buy spring water or purified water only.

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Benefits Of Drinking Bottle Water

Bottled drinking water is the absolute thirst quencher on a hot summer’s day and can be beneficial to your health. Drinking it is far healthier than:

* Frequently consuming sodas, so called fruit drinks and alcohol. These beverages rapidly increase your calorie intake, increase weight and make you more susceptible to diabetes.

It is much better to replace these unhealthy beverages with a bottle of water.

* Setting a bad example by allowing your children to quench their thirst by drinking sodas and other unhealthy beverages. Why not give them water instead.

* Living with dry, flaky, old-looking skin brought on by inadequate intake of water.

Drinking water frequently will help to hydrate the skin, giving you a more radiant, younger look.

* Living with a body high in toxicity due to drinking inadequate amounts of water. High toxicity makes you more susceptible to diseases.

So if you want to increase the likelihood of experiencing these health benefits, one of the easiest thing you can do is to drink more water.

Now, for your convenience, there are companies that provide low-cost, quality bottled water home delivery. No need to carry those heavy bottles from the supermarket. You can have a constant supply of spring water or purified water for your family or guests.

Remember, when you finish with your plastic bottles, dispose of it properly, so that it can be recycled.

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