Qep Saws


QEP has a product line up specializing in the home renovation market, with a broad range of tools designed to make tasks such as cutting tile easier and more efficient. One such tool, the 60010-18″ professional tile saw, is very well suited for a contractor or serious home renovator looking for a powerful tile cutting solution. The 60010 features a 2 HP motor that runs at up to 3450 RPM. When fit with a diamond blade, the 60010 will cut more than tile, and can be used on masonry materials as well. A dual water spray system works to keep the blade cool and prevent excessive wear and tear. The 60010 is capable of ripping up to 18″ of tile and can cut diagonally across 13″.


The 21643 is another heavy duty tile cutting saw offered by QEP. The 21643 is a hand held circular saw with a 1-1/4″ depth of cut at 90 degrees and a 1.5 HP motor. The 21643 is marketed not only as a tile cutting saw, but as being capable of cutting through stone, granite, block, brick, and marble. With a rubber grip and a lightweight construction, the 21643 is a convenient model for the contractor that will be working for extended periods of time. With a high 11,800 RPM, the 21643 ensures a very smooth cut on all materials.

The 60087-7″ wet tile saw is another offering in QEP’s large line up of tile saws. The 60087 has 2/3 HP motor that is capable of cutting tile, porcelain, marble, slate, and granite. The steel cutting table is large enough for most jobs and is capable of tilting up, allowing for 15, 30, and 45 degree miter cuts. The 60087 is reservoir cooled by an easy to remove and clean tray.


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