Purple Bed Mattress Reviews


Purple Bed – Queen Mattress Review

Purple is an online brand, which is why their mattresses are not available in stores. This mattress is bought online and shipped to your house. The top two inches of this mattress makes it a unique mattress.

The Purple Bed mattress is made up of hyper-elastic polymer. The purple stretchy material gives support to your body whenever you go to sleep. Purple mattress is not like a memory foam mattress. It has a neutral temperature.

This mattress does not develop any serious body imprints, which is commonly found in memory foam beds. Purple is considered as the color of royalty and it gives you a feeling of a king or queen whenever you go to sleep.

Dimensions and construction of Purple Bed Mattress

Purple mattress is made up of a layer of foam but not memory foam. It is made up of polymer. This mattress has a purple layer at the top, which is very stretchy. Plus, it has a premium foam layer, which is very dense.  The Purple Bed mattress has 3.25” of medium soft comfort layer. It also has a medium firm support layer which is of 4”. The foam layer used in Purple mattress has the certification of CertiPUR-US.

Purple sells the best mattresses. If you are buying a Purple mattress, then you need to purchase a bed base or box springs that can provide a platform for it. Purple mattress is heavy and therefore it needs the support of a bed base. Purple also sells a power base, which is a perfect platform for purple mattress.

Purple Bed mattress has dimensions of 63 x 16 x 16 inches and weight of around 70 to 140 pounds. This size is 15 percent heavier as compared to other average mattresses. It is around 40 percent heavier in comparison to 9.5-inch mattresses. A heavy mattress is good as it stays in one place but is very difficult to move.


Purple mattress has been given the rating of 6.5 when it comes to firmness. Though it has a stretchy layer, still its firmness can surpass your expectations. It is better than medium level of firmness.  Firmness is a subjective matter. Therefore, firmness of a mattress cannot be judged until you sleep on one. This mattress is good for side sleepers as well as back sleepers. This mattress is firm enough to give you a comfortable sleep throughout the night.

Sleep position suitability

Purple mattress is best suited for people having an average size with a weight of 230 pounds. Back sleepers get the most satisfaction from this mattress. About 10% of side sleepers have reported that this mattress has excessive firmness, which results in discomfort.

People, having a weight of more than 230 pounds, report that the comfort and support level of this mattress is acceptable. Small people weighing less than 130 pounds have experienced pressure and back pain. This is majorly because they don’t weigh enough to exert the required amount of pressure on the mattress to sleep comfortably.

 Thin, lightweight, and movement resistant

Purple mattress is thinner as compared to average mattresses. The less weight of the purple mattress makes getting it on and off easier. This mattress is less resistant to movement. It means that the sleeper does not tend to sink far into it. This purple mattress also prevents the movement of one person from disturbing the other person. If you don’t want to get disturbed by the movements of the other person, then you should use stretchy sheets.

The top layer of Purple mattress gives a waffle-like feeling. Many owners of Purple mattress have pointed that it is troublesome during the initial days. This mattress is one-sided and does not have a flip.  Head to foot rotation is required sometimes in order to minimize sinking. Purple mattress is heavier as compared to other average mattresses. It is very hard to lift, handle, and move this mattress.


Purple mattresses are rolled in a machine when they are manufactured. The purple portion of the mattress can be broken down and recycled. This mattress can be reused again by melting. The purple pallets of the mattress are melted and they do not release a bad odor. Isn’t that amazing? This is a unique feature of Purple mattress. This mattress can be recycled into cushions and many other Purple products.


You cannot judge the quality of a mattress by simply lying on it in the showroom. You need to sleep on it to come to know whether the mattress is comfortable or not. Lying down on a mattress for 15 minutes is not equivalent to sleeping on it for 7 to 8 hours.

If you are planning to return your Purple mattress, then they will pick it up from your house. Purple mattress has a replacement warranty of 10 years. It also has an initial warranty of 100 days. This is the best warranty that you will not find anywhere else. Most of the warranties have a lot of loopholes in them, that is why people are not able to avail their benefit even if they want to. This mattress, without a doubt, provides you a replacement warranty of 10 years.

Advantages of using Purple Mattress

ü  Easy to maintain

ü  Less heat retention

ü  Good for sex

ü  Pleasant texture

ü  Good support

ü  Affordable price

ü  Good firmness

ü   Has a discount code

ü  Replacement warranty for 10 years

ü  Recyclable

ü  Made in the USA

ü  Minimizes pressure points

ü  Adjustable frame

ü  Non-toxic and safe

Disadvantages of Purple Mattress

û  Less Durable

û  Not good for small people

û  Bad edge support

û  Heavy

û  Weak marketing

û  Too hard

û  Impossible to move

û  Hard foam

û  Needs a bed base

Customer reviews

A lot of reviewers have acknowledged the comfort level of Purple mattress. They say that it provides good support to the back and side. People who have had back problems have attained relief by using this mattress.

However, a few customers complain that this mattress is quite firm. And, you cannot feel this until and unless you lay on it. Some reviewers complain that they have got a backache and sore muscles after sleeping on this mattress.

The bottom line

Purple mattress offers an incredible pressure relief and has a neutral temperature. This mattress allows the heat to pass through a comfortable grid.  It contours really well to the body. This mattress is truly amazing as it provides great contouring and support. It can handle the total weight of 300 lbs per person and the maximum threshold limit is 600 lbs.

This mattress has better than moderate firmness. It has a pleasant texture and is very easy to maintain. The most remarkable thing about this mattress is that it can be recycled by melting. It is good for large people but is not good for people who have a weight of less than 130 lbs. This mattress holds your body comfortably and does not put any pressure on the pressure points.

If you do not like the mattress, then you can also return it. One of the most amazing things about this mattress is that it has a replacement warranty of 10 years. This mattress also requires a box spring as a platform and it has an adjustable frame.

As Purple mattress is new on the market, it does not have a high durability. It is also very squished at the corners. This bed is friendly for side and back sleepers but it is not good for stomach sleepers. Purple mattress is made up of non-toxic materials. It reflects royalty and that is why it is also called a queen mattress.


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