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Continuing our review series to find the best water filter pitcher systems

PUR CR-6000C 2-Stage Oval Water Pitcher with LED Indicator

We find that PUR water filter pitcher system often comes out top in the bestseller list of best water filter pitcher systems.  So what makes PUR one of the leading brands for water filter pitcher systems in the US and maybe elsewhere?  What else can we say about PUR water pitcher that has not been said by other reviewers?  We will try to give a different perspective in this review. Our findings are summarized in a table format for easy comparison

Water Filter 

There are several models of water filter pitcher system under the PUR brand, and they are categorized into jug capacity.  If you like some flavor to your drink, there is a PUR water filter to match your tastes.

Note :  Our review involves getting an extract of the product descriptions from the manufacturer’s websites.  We advise you to check with the manufacturer on any claims for contaminants reduction.  If you need to purchase any of the items we review, you can go to the Amazon siteto complete your purchase.   You are also encouraged to check with the various buying sites for the latest prices.  Who knows when you are ready to purchase, you may be in luck to find PUR water filter coupons to use in your purchase of the new pitcher, or replacement filters.

PUR CR-6000C  2-stage oval water filter pitcher with LED Indicator

Product description

  • 2 stage filtration process
  • Has a built in LED light to indicate when you need to change the filter
  • Reduces lead.
  • Reduces 99.9% of microbiological cysts.
  • Does not remove fluoride from the water.

Summary of customer reviews :

  • Sleek body. Takes less space.
  • Needs both hands to hold up the body when pouring water; over prolonged use,  the handle may crack away from the body due to the weight of water on the plastic body.
  • Fits easily in a refrigerator.  Has a seal when closed that prevents refrigerator odors from getting into the water.
  • Less seepage of filter material into the drinking water because of the 2 stage filtering process
  • No covering on the pour spout,  leaves the water exposed to dust, as well as odors.
  • Difficult to open the lid in order to add water
  • Difficult to substantiate manufacturer’s claim on the number of contaminants reduced unless you have some measuring gadget to measure water quality.  Have to take the claims as is.
  • Don’t depend too much on the LED indicator to change your filter.  You can save money if you get the unit  without LED indicator,  and use other methods (visual, taste, sticker label) as indication of when to replace the filter.

Overall comments

  • Good product if you don’t’ have space for larger dispenser.
  • Good quality of water. Tastes delicious, refreshing and ‘cleaner’
  • Convenient for a quick glass of filtered water, or to add to the coffee pot.
  • If you have a bigger family, it may be a good idea to store the filtered water in a separate jug after the filtration process is complete, and refill the pitcher filter frequently so that you can get lots of filtered water without having to wait long
  • Reasonable pricing
Brand / Model  for Water Filter Pitcher  >>PUR CR-6000 C water filter pitcher
List Price of Water Filter Pitcher$26
Capacity, number of cups7 cups
Material for Jug (BPA free, Glass, etc)Plastic
Filter life, months2 months
Filter life, gallons40 gallons
Number of Filtration stages2 stage
Type of contaminants and Impurities reduced (per manufacturer)14 contaminants reduced (cadmium, copper, lead, mercury, zinc, chlorine) & odor
Additional featuresLED indicator to indicate filter life.  Fits easily in refrigerators
Item weight1.9 pounds
Cost of replacement filter$20 for 3 pack
Total cost of ownership (new pitcher, plus cost of replacement cartridge, if any  and cost of replacement filter over the same period, say 1 year)$60

PUR water filter pitcher is distributed by a well known company, Proctor & Gamble. Click PUR CR-6000C 2-Stage Oval Water Pitcher with LED Indicator to view the latest pricing for PUR water filter pitcher.


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